Mastek’s Oracle Commerce Cloud Accelerator Suite

Are you ready to cut costs, shorten implementation timelines, and minimize risk for your Oracle Commerce Cloud Implementation?

You can do just that with Mastek’s Accelerator Suite that includes: Commerce Reference Storefront (CRS) for B2C and B2B solutions, and our Integration Oracle CX Accelerator Suite.

Both of these solutions, available exclusively from Mastek, ensure you will have a solution that is a perfect fit for your needs and environment, and it will shorten your development effort which means you get to market faster.

Estimated savings include 2-3 weeks off the project timeline, as measured against the original level of effort, and a cost savings of 10-12% of non-accelerated implementations.

Here are the details:

Mastek’s OCC Commerce Reference Storefront (CRS) Features

For a B2B or B2C storefront:

  • Clean, Easy to Use, Mobile-Friendly Design Themes. Choose one of our pre-created themes to get started quickly.
  • Multiple Product Detail Pages (PDP) for unique Product Types
  • New Add-On Products Experience that features a fly out selector once an item is added to the cart
  • Redesigned Layout for Search Results Pages that allows for quick adding and comparison of products
  • Rapid and Bulking Ordering via CSV or direct SKU entry (with type-ahead search)
  • Sleek, Redesigned Account Dashboard
  • Integration to YouTube for Dynamic Media
  • Best Practice, Consolidated Cart Layout
  • Integrated Store Finder for Parts or Service
  • External Inventory Lookup
  • Downloadable Datasheets from External Media Repository

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Mastek’s exclusive Customer Reference Storefront and CX Accelerator
Customer Reference Storefront is Mobile Responsive Natively
New Add-On Products Experience
Redesigned Search Results Page (Filters and Property Scrolling)
Comparison of Products from the Search Results Page. Product comparison is not an OOTB feature from Oracle Commerce Cloud.
Rapid and Bulking Ordering via CSV or direct SKU entry
(with type-ahead search)
Sleek, Redesigned Customer Account Dashboard
Redesigned Account Dashboard – Delegated Administration Area
Integrated YouTube Media into PDP and other widgets
Best Practice, Consolidated Cart Design + Rapid Order and Quote Request
Store Location Lookup (Google API)
Downloadable Datasheets from External Media Repository

Mastek’s OCC Integration Accelerator Suite and Features

Our Oracle Commerce Cloud Oracle CX Integration Accelerator allows customers that are leveraging Oracle Customer Experience products to quickly integrate core components using Oracle Commerce Cloud’s server-side extensions (Node.JS) that come with your OCC subscription. No additional middleware was used to facilitate these integration points.

Oracle E-Business Suite ERP

Submission of OCC new and existing customer account data to EBS via webhook and REST API

Submission of Account and Contact information (e.g.: address information), parsed to the proper location in EBS

Mapping of customer data via SSE to EBS APIs to populate EBS customer data schema.  Ex: unique customer profile information like “DUNS number” or “TaxpayerID”

Submission of order data from OCC to EBS.  Once EBS creates that order, an EBS OrderID is passed back to OCC which can be shown in the OCC customer order history as an external order id field.

Indexing of EBS Order Data.  Whenever the status of orders get updated in EBS, a scheduler pushes the order statuses to OCC via an API and shows users whether the order moved to order status of processing, shipped or canceled.

Other completed ERP integrations:

  • Oracle Cloud ERP
  • JD Edwards (JDE)
  • JDA
  • Fujitsu Glovia
  • Homegrown ERP Solutions

Oracle Marketing Cloud – Eloqua

  • Newsletter signups from OCC eCommerce footer get funneled to an Eloqua newsletter signup list.
  • Creation of Eloqua contacts from dynamic OCC customer information e.g. profile data and customer provided preferences
  • Ability to create custom order objects in OCC and have them map to Eloqua for segmentation e.g: order total, age, affinity, gender, etc.
  • Campaign orchestration leveraging eCommerce data.  E.g.: Customers/contacts who have a linked eCommerce record and have spent over $100 with the site get sent a campaign email for VIP customers.

Other Email Service Providers integrations:

  • CheetahMail
  • Dotmailer
  • Adestra
  • ExactTarget
  • Mailchimp, and more

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

  • Linking of datasheets to OCC Product Detail Pages
  • Indexing of datasheets and documentation in the native OCC product search function
  • Ability to upload assets to CEC and reference them via URL in content pages and layouts. This includes image assets or renderings (e.g. CAD drawings)
  • Ability monitor file version history and revision data for the organization
  • Linking of News and Press Releases from CEC into OCC.
  • Note: the transmission of data is a direct point to point integration between OCC and Eloqua using Server Side Extensions (SSE) that come out of the box with OCC.  This saves time and money for the customer.

Other Content Management Systems (or DAM) integrations:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Endeca Experience Manager
  • Bloomreach
  • WordPress

Oracle Configure, Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Linking of CPQ products within the OCC product schema
  • Modal popup experience that allows selection of components, attributes, service plans, and advanced configuration
  • Recommended items to be added on to the core required selections; up-sells.
  • Cart line item visibility into configurations and selections
  • Submission of configured goods to OCC order workflows and EBS ERP via API

WATCH Demo – OCC and CPQ Integration for a Medical Manufacturer

In addition to the Customer Reference Storefront and CX Accelerator Mastek has invested in a clean migration path for current Oracle Commerce (ATG) customers to move to Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Our migration toolkit allows customers to easily migrate Catalog, Customer, Promotions, and more with a framework of scripts and GUIs.

Read more here.

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With more than 19 years of experience delivering world-class strategy and development, first on ATG, and now on Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC), Mastek has invested in the success of OCC from its original announcement. We implemented the first-ever B2B site (for a Fortune 200 company) using OCC.

Through growth and experience, we have cultivated a vast number of best practices for OCC to enhance the out-of-the-box feature set to allow merchants, manufacturers, and distributors to focus on business growth rather than the technology minutia.