To resolve the Endeca Dgraph Performance issue using Dgraph Flags or minimal configuration, follow the steps below:

Thread Count:

By Default, Endeca configuration dgraph thread count is set to 2. This can be changed based on Number of core – 3 in DgraphDefaults.xml

–whymatch debug flag

Endeca App default sets –when whymatch flag is set to true.
This flag is used for debugging; why a particular record is being returned and why it matched. This flag is not recommended for your production environment.

–cmem flag

The Dgraph cache is used to dynamically cache query results.
The default Dgraph cache size (specified by the –cmem flag) is 1024MB (1GB).
To improve performance, this flag needs to be tuned to at least double the index size.

Optimal use of dgraph group while setting up dgraph live cluster

restartGroup property under dgraph node in LiveDgraphCluster.xml is used to push indexes to all dgraphs that fall under the same group. Value can be defined as A or B or any character. Make sure to create two groups of 50% each both for baseline and partial.
updateGroup is used for partial updates.