Platform Development

Enabling digital business transformation by delivering robust, scalable, and secure application

Move with ninja-like speed to extend, enhance or drive new business models.

Our technical experts have deep experience in custom development, migration, and platform extension. We leverage a strong product development mindset and combine it with a strong technology heritage to deliver transformational cloud-based application development.

Don’t go it alone. Depending on your needs, we can work with or alongside your team.

Cloud-based Application Development & Managed Services

Extending and enhancing your technology investment

Increase efficiency, speed development, cut costs, and enjoy the scalability of a custom-designed cloud-based application development.

Our strength lies in our Agile, incremental approach to planning and delivery.

We leverage our global delivery model and drive efficiency though our secure ISO 27001:2008 certified delivery centers.

With more than 70% of our 1000+ professionals Agile-certified domain experts we deliver customer-centric innovation.

Managed Services

Ensuring your platform continues to deliver optimal results

Ensuring your platform continues to deliver optimal results.

Focus on your core business with the peace of mind that your platform is running smoothly day-to-day.

Need assistance with strategy, technology roadmaps, innovation, or Q&A? We do that too.

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Application Migration to Cloud

Migrating your existing technologies to the cloud for increased capabilities

Enjoy the functionality of your current technology with the additional efficiencies of the cloud.

A long-standing development stack and server ecosystem can seem nearly impossible to migrate once settled in, but what happens when the limits of your technology inhibit innovation and growth?

Moving to the cloud is an obvious choice, but how can you migrate your technology without business coming to a halt?

Your business won’t skip a beat with our application migration to the cloud services.

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Delivering benefits across the organization with automated, optimized environments

Achieve continuous integration, continuous deployment/delivery (CI/CD), testing, and error-free deployment.

Get the DevOps support you need to deploy faster and more easily while decreasing costs and maintaining a secure environment.

DevOps done well means benefits across your company.

Deliver production-ready, compliant software faster, reduce costs and easily reuse best practices across the enterprise, collaborate and serve the business needs effectively and with efficiency.

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Creating connections to your customers and their devices at every touchpoint

Interconnect all your touchpoints for consistency across all platforms.

In a world where there are more “smart” devices than not, close the gap between your business, your customer, and your products. IoT connects your services with your customers’ devices to create a more complete customer experience.

We implement cloud-based IoT platforms and deliver insights for applications such as predictive maintenance.

Offer a richer customer experience with an IoT experience.

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Mobile Application Development

Redefining the user experience and brand engagement with a mobile app

Place your product as close as your customers’ fingertips. Mobile users surpassed desktop users eons ago. Offer them the ability to interact, transact, and contact you unbound by location and time with a mobile solution.

Grab your share of this market with a custom designed mobile application.

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