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John Owen, CEO, Mastek

Digital Transformation risks: What you ought to know

John Owen explains where the focus of your transformation should be

If you go in and you think it’s easy, and it’s just a project, I think that’s probably the biggest risk.”

John Owen, CEO, Mastek

The rewards of digital transformation are great; companies that are harnessing digital technologies to drive business efficiencies, cost savings and greater customer responsiveness are outstripping their competitors and delighting their customers.

While the competitive advantages of digital transformation are irrefutable, Mastek CEO John Owen says that no enterprise should underestimate the scale of change involved.

A successful digital transformation requires buy-in and championing from all levels of the organisation – and it is a journey that will fundamentally change your business.

Watch John Owen explain below that while the technology change is relatively straightforward – particularly with the support of a digital transformation specialist like Mastek – it’s getting the change management of the organisation right that’s key to digital transformation success.


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