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Gordon Cullum, CTO, Mastek

How can GDPR help you gain customer insight?

Gordon Cullum explains the opportunity GDPR presents to organisations

Data is a double-edge sword…If handled correctly, it can dramatically drive and speed up your business engagement. If handled incorrectly, this can be disastrous and act as a speed brake for you.”

Gordon Cullum, CTO, Mastek

Vast volumes of data, are being collected, shared and published within enterprises every day, and this process is accelerating all the time.

As Gordon Cullum explains in the video below, today’s workforces are data savvy and if your systems cannot support their requirements, they will find uncontrolled and ungoverned workarounds. 

To address this challenge, Mastek’s Data Virtualisation service helps you to connect disparate data from across your estate, providing actionable insight rapidly; insights you can use to streamline customer services, launch a new product and improve operational efficiency

It also helps you to weed out the ROT: Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial data. This reduces your data storage risks and focuses you on the data that matters most to your business.

In the context of GDPR, it has never been more important for companies to understand, manage and govern their data effectively. Through our GDPR Acceleration Solution, led by GDPR-certified practitioners, we apply our expertise in data assessment and integration to the task of helping you formulate your business requirements in response to GDPR.

Watch Gordon explain the difference Mastek can make to your business and then book your free 30-minute GDPR IT Readiness Assessment.

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