Your existing solution is fulfilling your client’s request to find the obsolete or competitor’s machine parts. But today’s customers want a solution that offers the required information in a few seconds. Business leaders are also looking for a solution that is pillared on the revolutionary – Gen AI technology, as it promises improved accuracy and efficiency at optimized costs.

We are here to help you decomplex long wait time and elevate customer experiences with Mastek Gen AI Part Assistance solution.

Join us for an insightful webinar on March 12, 2024, as our experts dive deep into the nuances of the intelligent Mastek Gen AI part assistance solution. During the 30 minutes session, starting from 01:00 pm EST, our team will demonstrate the capabilities of the solution and how partnering with Mastek helps them weave personalization in every customer interaction.

Why Should you Attend the Webinar?

Understand how application of Mastek Gen AI Part Assistance Solution enables you to foster long-lasting customer relationships with tailored interactions.

Explore the insights offered by the solution in real-time and use the same to create data-driven strategies.

Witness Mastek Gen AI Part Assistance Solution in action and experience how it automates manual processes and boosts productivity.

Know how to uplift customer satisfaction quotient by delivering actionable recommendations powered via advanced and proven AI algorithms.


Brief on Mastek Gen AI Part Assistance Solution

Voice of Customer



Loren Absher

Director, Americas, ISG

Ritwik Batabyal

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), Mastek

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