We are excited to extend a special invitation to you for the inaugural LG Connect Forum, a dynamic community that unites leaders in local government. Our goal is to foster collaboration and devise innovative roadmaps for the development and enhancement of technology solutions in the public sector.

Join us on Wednesday 6th December, 2023 at midday for this virtual session where the key themes will include:

  • Budget gaps & process simplification

  • Self-service

  • Data adoption & collaboration

The LG Connect Board members leading this initiative along with myself are Lucy Littlefair, Carol Mitson and Gary Barnes – we are all delighted about creating this community with the opportunity to make meaningful change and have you on board.

By becoming a forum member, you can expect to:

  • Share your experiences, knowledge, and expertise

  • Engage and collaborate on ideas and initiatives aimed at improving the experience and outcomes for residents and communities

  • Discuss strategies to increase the adoption and use of new technologies

  • Explore the dynamics of process and culture change

  • Enhance the employee/manager experience

  • Address increasing reporting requirements and decision support

  • Maximise the value from digital and technology investments

We look forward to you joining and active engagement with the LG Connect Community. Together, we can drive progress and innovation in local government.


Carol Mitson

IT Product Manager – Corporate Services, BMSDC & Others, IT Service, Corporate Services, Suffolk County Council

Lucy Littlefair

Head of East Midlands Shared Services

Gary Barnes

Advisor - International Information Management & Technology

Hamant Bharadia

Consultant UK-Sales-EV, Mastek

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