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Specsavers Transforming testing into a strategic function

Specsavers was keen to raise the strategic importance of IT testing in the business. It wanted to transform testing into an all-encompassing integrated function and not just a project-based activity.

Mastek’s flexible, can-do attitude and its willingness to adopt Specsavers’ ways of working paved the way for a partnership where three years later, the Mastek Testing team sits at the core of Specsavers’ testing centre of excellence.

Specsavers offers eye care and audiology services (optometry, dispensing opticians, hearing tests and hearing aids) in the UK, and eye care services in nine other countries in Europe and Australasia.

Thanks to Mastek, Specsavers is now equipped with a wide range of testing service capabilities that serve to balance quality with productivity. In fact, the company has witnessed a measurable return on investment in the form of a 10 percent monthly cost saving gained from its centre of excellence pool of testing professionals. Rich Kocher, Director of IT Quality and Technical Delivery at Specsavers, believes that when the company improves quality and saves cost on costly bug-fixes and rework, they are continually adding value to the Specsavers partnership and its customers.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Mastek played a significant role in Specsavers testing function transformation and gain an understanding of our Testing capabilities.

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Is ineffective mobile testing killing your revenue stream?

In this webinar, Andrew Palmer, Senior Test Manager at Mastek, will discuss the dangers of ineffective mobile testing, such as:

  • High support costs
  • Increased defect leakage, and ultimately
  • Lower user engagement and spend

He will then explore how great testing enables users to gain more benefit from your products and services and will show you how effective mobile testing adds more value than traditional testing approaches.

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Case Study

Service design to​ optimise experience

Service design and discovery closes the gap between technical expertise and usability to create services that meets users’ needs.

The world has changed dramatically—user-centric software dominates the marketplace and people have higher expectations of user interface design. 

Our service design and GDS specialists are bridging this gap by helping our clients to:

  • Develop services that can be used first time by all
  • Meet Government Digital Service Standards (GDS)
  • Optimise features for user needs and quality
  • Leverage Agile to deliver right fit solutions

Our client, the Department for Work and Pensions needed to replace their jobs board website (Universal Jobmatch) because it was expensive to run and was difficult for users to set up and use. They asked our consultant to ensure that their service met National Minimum Wage standards, Welsh language compliance and accessibility requirements.

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