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Digital services are changing the landscape of the financial sector. You’re under huge pressure to deliver services at optimum costs and you can’t maintain competitive advantage when customers expect around-the-clock financial services. You need to make your legacy systems more efficient, user friendly and cost effective. So that you can be flexible in a rapidly changing market.

Mastek provides the platform and support that you need to succeed. Our secure finance software solutions support innovation and drive your digital strategy. Then you can focus on your business growth, keeping your customers at the heart of everything you do and staying ahead of the competition.

Spur in online transactions, tech savvy criminals, and regulatory scrutiny have created a grave need to utilize technology to mitigate financial crime risks and simultaneously boost efficiency and capabilities.

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Developing and modernising Together’s applications

Adopting a business focused approach to application development and modernisation helps you to build critical capabilities that support business goals.

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Machine Learning to counter threats

A crucial factor to the survival and evolution of organisations is to harness the power of Intelligent Automation.

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World’s leading Insurance Broker and Risk Adviser integrates their legacy fiduciary systems with Oracle ERP Cloud in 12 weeks

Headquartered in Australia, world’s leading Insurance Broker and Risk Adviser transformed their business operations by migrating their legacy systems to a single, integrated and modern fiduciary system with Oracle ERP Cloud in 12 weeks.

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Rebuilding the foundation for operational resilience

This is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, as you might know. The tower started to lean as soon as the construction began in the twelfth century.
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Adopt MOT Framework for Operational Resilience by 2025

Recent events in the financial markets created substantial discomfort for the people. It brings the focus back on the operational resilience mechanisms that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wants firms to implement.
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Digital Transformation And Financial Crime Prevention

Covid-19 turned out to be the biggest accelerator for digital adoption. The firms which traditionally shunned digital ways of working, have either adopted them or are in the process of kickstarting their digital transformation journey.
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