Mastek's SAP to Oracle Enhancements: Innovations for Composable Business requirements

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Business composability is an antidote to volatility. 63% of CIOs at organizations with high composability reported superior business performance compared with peers or competitors in the past year. They are better able to pursue new value streams through technology, too.

Monika Sinha, Research Vice President at Gartner

What does it Mean for You?

Offering SaaS-based business-centric applications, Oracle modules can complement your on-premise SAP footprint. Oracle Fusion Cloud’s functionalities have been built from the ground up, using a single data model for all lines of business. Its modular architecture is engineered to work with a unified data model and adapt to seamless extensions. Adding immediate value, this ensures that your business data is always consistent, easy to interpret, yet flexible (in terms of output format) for the end-users. Moreover, your SAP to Oracle enhancement will make you more innovative in terms of digital technologies - for example, AI, machine learning, chatbots, digital assistants, IoT, blockchain, etc.

The best part is that for Oracle Cloud, you do not require a complete overhaul or replacement of your prior SAP investment. You can choose to co-exist and undergo cloud transformation over time.

Mastek's Composable ERP: Delivering Outcomes with Velocity and Value!

Mastek offers Composable ERP solutions that help businesses manage and enhance their operational capabilities to achieve business goals. It gives you the freedom to define and/or re-define your integration, data, and user experience strategies, and, thus, your business capabilities. Moving your ERP to a composable model will help you innovate and transform business processes, whilst optimizing for adaptability.

Mastek's architecture expertise simplifies the process of digital enhancements with immediate returns, and you are always in control of where to start. With, potentially, an outcome-based delivery basis framework, we enable efficient and effective innovation of business processes.

Mastek has always had a proven and more decisive approach to cloud transformation, differentiating us from the rest of the market. Delivering measurable value at every instance, we help you build operational resilience with the agility and trustworthiness that you seek.

Mastek Glide 4.0: Your Partner for a Seamless SAP to Oracle Transformation at your pace

Businesses, nowadays, require powerful business applications, comprehensive core services, and sophisticated cloud infrastructure to support value creation. If you eye technological leadership in your industry landscape and believe that an ‘enhancement’ might not prove effective enough, a holistic SAP to Oracle Cloud Migration could be your solution of choice.

Mastek Glide 4.0 is a proven framework that seamlessly helps firms to adopt aspirational and operational drivers like process transformation and cloud migration. With the ability to pivot to newer business models, it enables continuous optimization of operational capabilities with superior customer and employee experiences, resilient supply and value chains, and an agile financial close, to name a few.

Transform at your pace

Up to 40% lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Increase in staff Productivity by up to 70%

Dedicated Mastek Glide 4.0 Migrators for accelerated SAP Data Migration

Rapid SAP to Oracle transformation

Value-based Delivery (VBD) with insights and analytics

Enables pro-active customer service with IoT

Improves employee and customer journey with digital assistants

SAP Implementations, Enhanced!

The largest Council in Europe has chosen Oracle Cloud, with Mastek, as the future of its SAP implementation.

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