Cloud Enhancement Services

Decomplex managed services support for cloud-based applications and digital solutions

Maintaining operation excellence with cloud enhancement services

Mastek’s CES services are designed to help enterprises meet the demands of a continually evolving business landscape, outpace the competition and deliver maximized returns.

Ensuring that your company activities align with your strategic goals - our cloud experts help increase efficiency, provide support and maintenance, and manage the changing demands of your cloud environment.

Mastek experts deliver cloud managed services that meet your business needs, integrate DevSecOps to provide support and enhancements, manage the underlying cloud platforms and employ Accelerators to enable continuous improvement through actionable insights. Their support ensures your team and resources will be concentrated on your company's top objectives and business growth.

A Cloud managed services partner you can trust

Embark on a seamless journey towards business excellence by trusting us to manage your Cloud solutions, leveraging our unparalleled expertise for stable operations and strategic optimization.

Cloud Enhancement Services - Designed to Deliver the outcomes essential for your Enterprise

Service availability
Reduction in operational costs
Customer satisfaction
SLA track record
Reduction in maintenance costs
Incidents & service request reduction

Delivering Value Based Services that Enhance and Empower Success

We offer a portfolio of Managed Services options to support customers in continually maximising the value from their investment in cloud-based applications and digital solutions.

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Oracle Managed Services

Empower your business's critical systems with our sophisticated Cloud Enhancement Services, guaranteeing the utmost data availability and reliability for your Oracle Cloud platforms.

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Salesforce Managed Services

Ongoing maintenance and support of Salesforce environments combined with industry solutions to drive increased business value in your usage of Salesforce solutions.

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Digital Managed Services

Next Generation Cloud Managed Services to optimize operations.

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Commerce Managed Services

We offer comprehensive support to our clients in terms of eCommerce Enablement, Re-platforming, Commerce Modernization, Integrations, Experience Design, and Production Support & Managed Services.

Why you should choose Mastek as your managed services partner

Mastek's Cloud Enhancement Services offer you a frictionless path to achieve your business goals and provide everything you need to take control of your Business-Critical Functions.

Digital Delivery Platform

  • AI Ops led framework for proactive and automated delivery of services, increasing the efficiency & reducing the headcount needs

  • Benefit from accelerators to further increase business value

Agile Service Management

  • Achieve successful end-to-end service management focused on incremental value delivery through Agile and DevOps

Business Accelerators

  • Suite of Mastek tools and assets developed with the focus to measure and monitor Business Value and empower the digital objectives of your business

Application Support Services

  • Reduce risk with our 24x7 application support services delivered from our Global Delivery Centers to leverage skilled & cost-effective resource

Our CES success stories

The Home Office reduced process errors with Mastek cloud managed services

The government entity improved its data quality and achieved a single view into customers’ data with Mastek Cloud Enhancement Services.

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International Personal Finance improves fraud case identification rate by 80% with our cloud managed services

IPT enabled 25% faster strategic rollout by relying on Mastek Cloud Enhancement Services and machine intelligence expertise.

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A leading MNC reduces the length of its Oracle HCM maintenance cycle by 50% with Cloud Enhancement Services

The customer, well-known name in the chemical, pharmaceutical and IT business landscape, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan lowered global support expenses for Oracle HCM apps.

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A premium restaurant saves 400+ man-hours each month with our managed services

Mastek Cloud Enhancement Services assisted the client in drastically lowering IT expenditures and concentrating on critical business activities.

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Read our whitepaper, exploring how cloud managed services can become a game-changing alternative to the traditional ways of supporting and maintaining digital services.

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Decomplexing the global market through our unrivalled industry expertise

The industries we have served include but are not limited to, healthcare, banking, and finance firms. Mastek's customized Cloud Enhancement Services can assist your company in making the most of your cloud solution's scalable real-time capability and cost-saving possibilities.

Our CES clients

Our Cloud Managed Services Partners

As we continue to grow rapidly, technology remains a key enabler for us. With Mastek, a partner of choice for APC given their deep expertise in Oracle Cloud Solutions, we now have a robust, integrated, and connected internal ecosystem, completely cloud-based.

Jonathon Moss, Head of Finance, APC.



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