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The pace of change across the world in the retail industry is dramatic, with the majority of sales happening online. Retailers and businesses worldwide are driving agile adoption of the technologies, automating the business process to drive efficiencies to deliver the best possible service and experience to their customers. Further, recent research suggests that retailers with solid revenue growth obtain a higher percentage of sales from digital channels.

Both retailers and consumer firms recognise that their ecosystem's digitalisation is the key to success & survival. Customers and the supply chains that support the services also need to adapt to a greater need for personalisation than ever before. The answer to this is the adoption of cloud-enabled services and outcome-driven digital platforms. By driving agile adoption of digital technologies and automating the business process to drive efficiencies, companies can deliver the best possible services and enhanced customer experience.

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Unlocking the power of Morrisons’ data

Managing data to find meaningful insights is a complex task in organisations where data is not joined up.

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Record-breaking sales with rock-solid performance

100% Roll out of BOPIS Program to all Retail Stores

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Enabling Stakeholders a More Seamless Experience

10+ Portals and Storefronts in a Global Perspective

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Leading Australian retail chain realises product innovation by streamlining their go-to-market offerings with Oracle PLM Cloud in 4 Months

Leading Australian retail chain streamlines its go-to-market offerings and efficiently tracks product lifecycle with Oracle PLM. The deployment went live in just 4 months and it helped them automate the complete process right from product innovation to end product.

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How to migrate legacy retail systems to the cloud

In a data-empowered digital world in which solving customers’ problems has become the key success factor, the traditional model for retail supply-chain excellence has to evolve, and retailers must find ways to offer customer convenience across all touchpoints.
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What can UK retail learn from US retail and their IT and cloud strategy?

They say that no one likes being sold to, but everyone likes buying.
Yet, despite this apparent penchant for purchasing, customers are more demanding than ever.
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8 thought-provoking examples of AI in retail

McKinsey estimates the potential annual value of AI in the retail industry sits between £300 billion and £600 billion. It's clear the opportunity for companies is substantial.
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