Staples is now 8X more Efficient with a BizAnalytica (A Mastek company) Implemented Solution

About Client

Staples Inc. is an American office retail company. It is primarily involved in the sale of office supplies and related products, via retail channels and business-to-business-oriented delivery operations.


Ongoing IT difficulties were preventing consistent delivery of reliable client services. Critical data was trapped in silos and on premises infrastructure struggled to keep up with the company’s rapidly evolving business needs. To address this, Staples adopted a new strategy to move from legacy systems to the Microsoft Azure cloud. All servers/applications were to be migrated, largely eliminating physical infrastructure.

  • Authorize analysts to access to over 2PB of legacy data.

  • Expense to support Teradata environment exceeding budget.

  • Expiring technology restricts ability to scale to meet online and holiday demand.

  • End of life technology needed to be replaced.

Why BizAnalytica (a Mastek company)

  • Proven expertise in implementing Snowflake with Azure Cloud.

  • Model to reduce high maintenance cost and slow application development.

  • Experience to minimize data movement to improve performance.

The Solution

Our team initiated the Cloud Migration phase leveraging several pre-built modules and implementing best practices for sequencing, scheduling, and cutover of each workload. The migration also addressed data silos, and many applications were consolidated.


  • Improved Quality and reliability of services.

  • Improved customer satisfaction & confidence.

  • Average monthly critical system issues reduced by 60%.

  • Reduced staffing and systems management time.

  • Average monthly performance issues reduced by 90%.

The Results

Our Architect team collaborated with Staples to design their new cloud architecture and help to migrate to the Azure cloud platform. With flexible and scalable cloud technology, Staples was able to improve the reliability and performance of its data infrastructure and further advance its data strategy. The change led to significantly improved customer satisfaction and retention.