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Unlock the Power of the Data Cloud & AI: Seamless Migration and Modernization Solutions for Your Business

Mastek to Strengthen Data Cloud and Generative AI Capabilities with Acquisition of BizAnalytica

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Decomplex Data Engineering, Automation & AI

With generative AI's learning models making huge leaps in data analysis, the potential to leverage data to increase profitability & productivity, reduce costs, and reach your customers where and when they prefer, has never been higher. But if your enterprise struggles with siloed data, legacy technology, or too many manual processes, then you’re not set up to take full advantage of machine learning’s benefits. We can help.

Achieve the kind of data agility and AI capability that Fortune 500 companies are using to drive business outcomes and create a rich user experience that consumers and clients have come to expect from a modern enterprise.

With a suite of industry-first digital solutions, partnerships with best-in-class technologies, and over 40 years of experience in digital transformation, we are your expert ally for data modernization, data warehousing, and analytics that leverage machine learning for maximum data driven decision-making capability.

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Employ an AI-First Strategy for Your Organization

Mobilize and amplify the data across your entire enterprise with powerful cloud platform technology and our proven effective service model that allows you to eradicate data silos, decomplex data architecture, and flex machine learning to drive data-driven decision-making and get maximum value from your data. With Mastek as your trusted ally, you can build an AI-first strategy that leverages the latest innovations in AI enhanced solutions across all your major business units.

  • Create immediate, real-time access to your business and customer data

  • Reduce operations costs by up to 30%

  • Move from on-premises to cloud securely and scale as needed

  • Increase data process speed by up to 10x

Your Trusted, Long-term Business Partner

Verticals & business functions
Verticals & business functions
Performance improvement using IoT
Real-time collections
Cost reduction per year
Reduction in project timelines
Reduction in integration cost

Success Stories

Together Harnessed the Potential of RPA to Eliminate Inefficiencies and Create Business Value

Mastek partnered with Together and helped them improve efficiency by automating complex processes which made them save 2.5 business hours per day.

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Unlocking the power of Morrisons' data

Data insight is central to improving services for end users. This means not only considering a viable single source of truth in a complex environments but also managing data diversity and providing insight through easy to use dashboards.

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NHS Improved Decision-Making with an Efficient Data Warehousing Platform

Mastek joined hands with NHS to enable them to build a single source of truth, enhance reporting capabilities and uplift patient response time by 90%.

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Implementing intelligent automation at Together

Chief Executive Officers and Chief Finance Officers need to optimise key processes in a legacy environment of on-premise applications and inefficient processes.

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Integrating data for a single source of truth with the NHS

Data can only reach its potential when it is compliant, integrated and part of a clear organisational vision with a data-driven orientation.

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Service Line Offerings

Data Strategy

  • Current State Analysis

  • Data Architecture

  • Future State Roadmap

  • Data Migration

  • On Premises to Cloud

Data Management

  • Legacy System Modernization

  • Modern Data Platform

  • Data Ingestion

  • Data Warehousing & Lakehousing

Data Governance

  • DevSecOps

  • Data Catalog

  • Compliance

  • Security & Privacy

  • System Integration

Data Science, Visualization & AI Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Visualization

  • Generative & Predictive AI Analysis

Generative AI / Machine Learning

  • Maturity & AI Readiness Assessment

  • Marketing & Operations Support

  • InfoGenius Accelerator for Operations

Support & Managed Services

  • Maintenance & Updates

  • System Health assessment

  • Cost optimization

  • Lightbeam for Snowflake

Proven effective, proprietary process begins with a whiteboarding session - our “Base Camp” system evaluation = your roadmap to results.

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