Data, Automation & AI services

Data, Automation & AI Services

Transform your data and analytics into a core business function

Rethink your operating model with Data, Automation & AI services

Data and analytics can be a valuable business asset. But Big Data has prioritised mass collection and storage over getting the right data for competitive advantage. So, most organisations struggle with far-flung siloes, data fragments, creating new products, battling fraud and linking technical details with business strategy.

Our strategic approach to intelligent data pulls together the right data so that it is easier to share, optimizes insights for business use and adds value to new products. You get a strategic vision, business results and ethically responsible AI solutions. It’s time to rethink your operating models, transform how your functions work together and focus on business critical data processes.

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Verticals & business functions
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Data Management & Analytics Services

Successfully create a coherent ecosystem for your organisation's IT & business with our best–in–class Master Data Management solution that consolidates data acquisition, transformation, and data enrichment. Increase your organisational effectiveness and make a difference with fast and responsive business decisions using our pre-built data and analytics solutions across 15+ verticals that provide valuable insights through machine learning and AI technologies and help improve your customer experience.

Data Virtualization
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Data Virtualisation Services

Achieve seamless data integration across diverse technologies, platforms, and business domains with our Data Virtualisation services that reduce time-to-market for critical projects, helps you enjoy the early business value, and justify the buy-in for business sponsorship and engagement.

Cognitive Automation
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Cognitive Automation Services

Take Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of your services to the next level of Intelligent Automation (IPA) with our Cognitive Automation Services, wherein the system can think and interact with the customer or employees using natural language just like any human agent. Our services are the best fit for processes that involve unstructured data from non-standard sources.

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Intelligence on Edge

Empower and enhance your business's operational performance with Mastek's solutions and the software platform, including devices/sensors and consulting services that complete any IoT implementation. Facilitate seamless interaction with your customers by simplifying and automating interactions & transactions using our digital assistants across multiple channels.

Success Stories

data automation

Unlocking the power of Morrisons’ data

Data insight is central to improving services for end users. This means not only considering a viable single source of truth in a complex environments but also managing data diversity and providing insight through easy to use dashboards.

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healthcare rpa use cases

Driving improvement in patient care with data insights

The data warehouse is far from obsolete—it has evolved into a foundation for data analytics that can drive revenue growth, manage operational risk and maintain compliance.

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automation + analytics + artificial intelligence

Implementing intelligent automation at Together

Chief Executive Officers and Chief Finance Officers need to optimise key processes in a legacy environment of on-premise applications and inefficient processes.

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Integrating data for a single source of truth with the NHS

Data can only reach its potential when it is compliant, integrated and part of a clear organisational vision with a data-driven orientation.

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