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Generative AI contributes to improved efficiency and cost-effective and innovative business operations across different industries. It aids modern enterprises to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations and deliver personalized customer experiences. By implementing the Generative AI, businesses can skillfully adapt to the evolving market demands and drive success and growth.

Mastek is a trusted strategic partner for Generative AI implementation. With a proven track record of excellence in the technology realm, our experts combine their AI skillsets with an understanding of different business operations, ensuring that Generative AI implementation drives significant outcomes for their clients. We diligently leverage our strategic partnership with the key AI players to craft accelerators that serve the critical needs of different businesses.

Mastek’s Generative AI Offerings

We, using our proven Generative AI maturity assessment, meticulously craft a roadmap to strategically integrate Generative AI solutions into your organization’s infrastructure.

We follow a thorough process of cleansing, structuring, contextualizing and modernizing the data ensuring that the AI bots can analyze the information and deliver intended results.

We skillfully implement Generative AI solutions on your organization’s existing cloud platform – Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more, allowing you to retain your IT infrastructure and save costs. We also specialize in implementing knowledge management tools and customer service management tools.

We offer Generative AI pilot implementation using a general-purpose Large Language Model (LLM) reflecting our commitment to accelerating the implementation of AI solutions. We fine-tune the existing Generative AI solutions to align them with your current business processes.

We ensure the reliability and efficiency of the Generative AI implementation by conducting tests using synthetic data. We also help optimize software development and deployment processes by automating the DevOps pipeline with Generative AI tools.

Mastek’s Customized Framework for Implementation of Generative AI Solutions

Identify Use-cases

We examine your business processes extensively to identify the exact areas where the implementation of Generative AI will result in optimized outputs and minimum disruptions.

Determine Generative AI Approach

We take a unique approach to creating AI solutions for your specific business needs by combining the power of prompt engineering with the versatility of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Overcome industry-specific challenges with verticalized AI models or AI point solutions.

Select the Right Set of Tools

We empower you to realize your Generative AI goals with the right application stack, foundation model, LLM infrastructure or DevSecOps and tools.

Our Strategic Alliances and Key Partners

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