A unique return-to-work program for women

Let the light in you, ReShine!

Women are an integral part of our workforce at Mastek and hold key positions for various critical functions across the organization. However, in the industry, many women continue to face hurdles in finding career opportunities and resuming back to the workplace after taking a career break. Through the "ReShine" initiative, we are supporting women who are looking to restart their careers and inviting them to join Mastek to shine. The initiative stems from Mastek’s strong belief in diversity and creating equal opportunities for all, and is designed to help women make a meaningful second career comeback. Mastek is keen to build a culture that enables and empowers women transitioning back to their careers.

Leaders Speak

Abhishek Singh

President UKI & Europe

Our female colleagues not only bring gender diversity but most essential cognitive diversity. The differentiated emotional quotient makes for highly empathetic managers. Here at Mastek, we encourage returning women as her personal commitments shouldn’t result in “either-or” situation. We like to do our bit & welcome as well as facilitate the caregiving commitments with their professional aspirations.

Sunder Subramaniam

Head of Strategic Initiatives

There are many genuine reasons due to which women have to , at times , take a break in their careers. Resuming work can be huge obstacle affecting gender diversity at work. Only with diversity can there be creativity & innovation ! IT industry last year had 36% women in workforce. Mastek on its part is committed to bring more women back to work. We enable pathways to help more female employees return to work, restart and ReShine.

ReShine Enrolment Criteria

1Women Only

This is an upskilling and return to work program for Woman from tech industry.

2Career Break

Any woman who has not been employed with any company across geographies for last 6 months or more is eligible to apply for the program.

3Also For

Any woman who has completed her graduation and has not yet found employment can also enroll for the program.

Let's ReShine! Your time to RISE again

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