Mobilize and amplify the data across your entire enterprise with Snowflake’s powerful cloud platform and our proven effective service model that allows you to eradicate data silos, decomplex data architecture, and flex machine learning to drive data-driven decision-making and get maximum value from your data.

Our team of certified SnowPro Advanced Architects, along with our full suite of end-to-end digital transformation experts, enable you to migrate to the innovative Snowflake data cloud within your existing architecture – ensuring high data quality, governance, and analysis.





Mastek-Snowflake Partnership Offerings

Data Strategy

Data Warehouse & Warehouse Modernization

Data Science, Visualization & Analytics

Data Science, Visualization & Analytics

Support & Managed Services


Secure, scale, and analyze your data with Mastek’s expertise and Snowflake’s fully managed platform that leverages the near-limitless resources of the cloud to:

  • Create immediate, real-time access to your business and customer data
  • Increase data process speed by up to 10x
  • Reduce operations costs by up to 30%
  • Move from on-premises to cloud securely and scale as needed

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Data Science, AI/Machine Learning Projects
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Cloud Data Analytics & AI

Cloud Enhancement Service



Go through our whitepaper and discover the 9 steps to derive the maximum value from your cloud investment and embrace scalability and agility while optimizing operational costs.


Selecting the right AWS partner is crucial as your business’ entire IT infrastructure is pillared in the AWS Cloud environment.

Once you have understood your requirements, the next step is to look for a partner who has expertise in implementing AWS solutions that cater to your specific objectives. Evaluate their strengths and offerings based on their years of experience, awards, certifications, customer success stories and testimonials. Make a point to select a provider who has resources with certifications in multiple aspects of AWS implementation and management.
Mastek is known as a one-stop shop AWS partner as our services include cloud migration and transformation, data services and digital commerce offerings. We support you on every step of the AWS Cloud adoption and transformation journey. Our team of 200+ AWS experts implement futuristic AWS solutions that complement your business model and enable you to drive maximum value.
Mastek has expertise in engineering AWS solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, retail and public sectors. Our team is trained to unlock the power of AWS Cloud for enterprises in automotive, transport, telecom and oil and gas industry domains.
Mastek, with its industry knowledge and deep AWS acumen, has created a portfolio of innovative solutions that help businesses to accelerate growth.

Our expertise lies in AWS Cloud migration and transformation, and it is not limited to API management, enterprise integration, low code/no code, cloud modernization, Agile DevSecOps, Cloud Data Analytics & AI and Cloud Native Development. Additionally, we have experience and prowess in building digital commerce solutions using industry commerce cloud frameworks on AWS hosting to enable enterprises to deliver omnichannel customer experience.

Snowflake Overview

Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud – a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Inside the Data Cloud, organizations unite their siloed data, easily discover and securely share governed data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds. Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers and provides access to the Data Cloud, creating a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and data sharing.

Transform and Innovate with Mastek as your AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.