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You want to upskill your employees. And you need to deliver changing requirements. All whilst scaling fast, to tight deadlines and strict budgets. With Mastek, you get the outcomes you need. From a digital partner that is in it for the long term.

Suppliers who don't share what they're doing are costly. With missed deadlines, escalating overheads and poor outcomes. But it doesn't have to be that way. Mastek works with you to understand your users and the problem you're trying to solve. So that we can reduce your risk of building the wrong solution.

Why Mastek?

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Our Public Sector Customers

Our Impact

Helping to cut crime and serious organised crime

We designed, built and manage the UK’s Strategic National DNA Database that helps Forensics and Law Enforcement Authorities investigate and prevent crime.

Enabling our clients to control and manage the legal migration of millions

Our systems and services help the Home Office control and manage legal migration of millions of visitors, students and working professionals coming to the UK every year.

Enabling the protection of vulnerable people & communities

Our systems support Home Office in protecting vulnerable people and communities seeking Asylum in the UK.

Transforming trade

We are helping UK Government in transforming UK’s trade with EU and rest of the World by supporting Customs Declarations Services and its trade users.

Explore our digital services

Connect the dots between your users and service design

  • Guarantee service delivery
  • Embed strategic consultancy
  • Integrate user experience
  • Establish digital strategy
  • Develop accessible services that are easier to use
  • Design digital citizen journeys
  • Benefit from Locode

Create value from vast oceans of data

  • Provide self-service BI and analytics
  • Connect citizen insight and analytics
  • Enable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Predictive Analytics
  • Get high quality, linked up, user-centric digital services

Build agile platforms with leading architectures

  • Establish DevSecOps
  • Drive secure by design
  • Ensure application evergreening
  • Develop cutting-edge cloud services
  • Use modern methodologies and integration

Oracle Cloud services

  • Oracle ERP
  • Oracle SCM
  • Oracle EPM
  • Oracle HCM
  • Oracle CX
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data Analytics and Modelling

Success Stories

Leading automation for the Ministry of Justice

Increased delivery velocity by 30% and improve deployment frequency by 3x

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Driving improvement in patient care with data insights

Enabled real-time collections to run 10x faster

Learn more

Flexible IT systems for VISA verification

Delivered flexible, digitally driven IT systems and processes that support UK visas and immigration, enforcement and border force.

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One of the largest county Councils of Greater London saved £4.5m annually by rationalising working space with Oracle Integrated Cloud Suite.

One of the largest County Councils of Greater London became the first public sector organisation in the UK to go-live on end-to-end Oracle Integrated Cloud Suite including Oracle Cloud Local Government Payroll.

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