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The logistics and transportation management industry today is challenged by the need for a rapid pace of digitization amidst a surge in e-commerce with its attendant customer demands. Additionally, the rising costs of fuel and the complexity of government regulations has amplified the vulnerabilities of this sector.

There is an urgent need for transportation management companies to innovate and design end-to-end digital journeys that improve speed and operational efficiencies, enhance personalized service delivery, and create granular visibility into revenues and profit margins.

Why Mastek?

Mastek's Transportation Management & Logistics solutions provide cutting-edge transport management solutions for logistics and transport management enterprises across the globe. Drawing on our strong partnership, we leverage Oracle Transportation Management solutions to improve last-mile service, distribution network, and customer experience. Our logistics solutions create digital ecosystems to achieve real-time visibility, and transform your fleet management with a single, centralized system throughout your global supply chain.

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Optimize Shipments across Global Supply Chain with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) App

OTM System is a mobile app that instantly supports management of shipment tenders, proof-of-delivery, shipment status information (including GPS position), and more. As an Oracle partner, we leverage Oracle Transportation Management system, Oracle Logistics, and Oracle Fleet Management solutions and tailor them to meet the needs of global logistics and transport management firms.

The Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud accelerators cover a wide range of requirements.

Bulk invoice uploading

This uploads accounts-payable invoices and auto-matches them with shipments for accurate cost booking and approvals to pay.

Mass events uploading

This uploads multiple shipment tracking events to various shipments.

Order uploading

A bulk order uploading tool for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, this enables users to create multiple orders in one go.

Fleet management

The Oracle Fleet Management solution seamlessly and efficiently manages end-to-end fleet information from acquisition to disposal.

Success Stories

Singapore-based Independent Dry Bulk Owner Automates their Accounting Processes

Mastek implemented Oracle Cloud solution to achieve seamless and automated integration with the client's accounting processes optimizing business processes.

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UK-based Shared-user Home Delivery Company Modernizes Financial Processes

Mastek modernized their financial process with scalable Oracle Cloud solutions to streamline its operations and achieve accurate management reporting.

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An American Logistics Service Provider Achieved Revenue of USD 500 Mn+

With an integrated platform to support future-ready business processes, Mastek implemented a modern, cloud-based solution to accelerate the organization's growth.

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Mastek's Transportation and Logistics Management Custom-Made Solutions

We enable logistics firms to leverage the latest technology to drive winning performance and improve revenues. With our extensive experience, our Center of Excellence integrates Oracle best practices to drive new products to the market, and enhance overall business process improvement.

Integrate timesheets filled in Oracle Time & Labor with work orders to compute actual work hours; extensible to third party time & labor applications

Ideal for customers requiring an internal service desk solution; may be integrated with inventory management in Cloud.

Offers lightweight warehouse management functions fully integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud; provides barcode-based scanning and label printing support.

An extension for CPQ Cloud, providing automated defaulting freight rates.

An extension for Supply Chain Planning Cloud, it generates demand forecast based on custom business logic.

Tracks equipment and components (serial and non-serial controlled); integrates with supply chain execution and customer experience processes; delivers work order billing with field service touchpoints.

Acts as procurement extension for customers who require auto pricing of procurement documents based on historical purchases.

Groups work orders for material optimization integrates with optimization tools; achieves accurate material efficiency.

Manages work confirmation for invoice generation in companies with milestone-based purchase orders and dependent payable processes; provides age and recoupment prepayment functionality.

Enables production scheduling based on product attributes; achieves optimum capacity utilization of equipment and labor; allows exceptions-based rescheduling.

Manufacturing components picking based on attributes and picker groups; enables grouping, partial work order picking and barcode-based pick slip generation; provides visibility into work orders shortage.

Manufacturing components picking based on attributes and picker groups; enables grouping, partial work order picking and barcode-based pick slip generation; provides visibility into work orders shortage.

Offers quick order entry on Oracle Engagement Cloud with single UI for sales entry, ship confirmation and receipt collection; provides contacts and sales history in Oracle CX Master, and order management or CPQ pricing design.

Freight Service Providers like UPS, Pitt Ohio, etc. and trade regulatory compliance check for freight service providers.

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