Decomplex Higher Education

Navigate the complexities, such as administrative silos that hinder data access within an educational institution, with Mastek’s digital solutions. Mastek’s solutions break down these silos, foster a student-centric approach that ensures success throughout the student lifecycle and drives the overall experience and satisfaction.

Amidst escalating digital expectations, universities face the challenge of swiftly adapting to the evolving landscape. Mastek implements various Oracle solutions to expedite the digital transformation to a value-driven model. It streamlines operations, connects campuses, integrates data, and processes the applications for efficient resource allocation and informed decision-making.

Mastek also offers Salesforce solutions that revolutionise institutional engagement and operations, optimise fundraising efforts and deliver personalised student experiences. Its predictive analytics empowers proactive interventions.

Harness the power of technology to decomplex your higher education landscape, creating agile, responsive and future-ready institutions with Mastek’s higher education solutions.


The expectations of students and staff have undergone a paradigm shift in this digital era. The pace of computing advancements has driven expectations to a new high. Universities need to change quickly and adapt to remote teaching, learning and staff management. Mastek implements Oracle Higher Education ERP solutions, so universities accelerate their digital transformation pace, restore agility to the infrastructure, and move to a value-based delivery model.

Resource augmentation, consultancy, coaching and mentoring

We’re agile, collaborative and trusted, with specific experience in healthcare, secure government and the private sector

  • End-to-end solutions – delivering across all project phases to live

  • Phase squad – a complete team handling one or more phases

  • Resource augmentation – one or more team members can join your team

  • Design lead augmentation – taking on a lead role for your project

  • Coaching and mentoring – standalone training or knowledge transfer

  • Deep insight, user journeys and story mapping

  • Interaction, prototyping and visual design

  • End-to-end service design

  • Content design and strategy

  • DesignOps and ResearchOps

  • Innovation workshops

  • Design thinking

Our teams have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors:

  • Home Office

  • Ministry of Defence

  • NHS England

  • Department of Work and Pensions

  • Private sector

Why Mastek?

We work as individuals, teams, cross-functionally and alongside colleagues in the wider digital enablement team, as well as specialists in the following fields.


Higher Education Customers




Oracle Cloud Customers


Awards & Accreditations


Higher Education Customers




Oracle Cloud Customers


Awards & Accreditations

Moving forward, all operational transactions like Physical counting, GRN, put away, sub-inventory transfers etc will be performed either on Zebra Hand handled devices, Mobile Apps or directly on Oracle SCM Cloud. This project is completed as per the timelines without any quality compromise.

– Saurabh Bhatnagar
KCH Healthcare L.L.C

Reinvent Your Warehouse Operations and Capabilities to become Agile, Accurate and Automated

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Customer Success

Mastek leverages Oracle Cloud, integrating cutting-edge technologies for measurable business outcomes.

We designed a modern and efficient Oracle HCM solution for DTU’s central HR team to reduce administration-related tasks and focus more on proactive support.

Building Trust

Building Trust

Oracle Higher Education Solutions

Implement cutting-edge technology to drive institutional growth, offer personalised experiences and streamline administrative tasks.

Oracle Student Cloud

Empower your educational institution with innovative programmes and offer personalised student experiences with Oracle Student Cloud. It effectively manages financial aid, gives real-time insight into student programmes and enhances recruiter productivity. It also optimises the student enrolment process, boosts retention rates and drives engagement through shareable social content for a dynamic learning environment.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Plan and manage your global education workforce, optimise the experience and increase productivity by implementing Oracle HCM Cloud. It tailors learning experiences, enables employee growth and facilitates organisational success within the dynamic education landscape for an empowered workforce.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Revolutionise your finances, consolidate accounting systems, enhance project profitability and automate payment workflows with Oracle ERP Cloud. It resolves challenges with comprehensive budgeting solutions and leverages Oracle Analytics for profitability insights, ensuring meticulous global reconciliations for precise financial management and informed decision-making.

PaaS Solutions

Leverage Oracle Cloud Platform to excel in hybrid and multi-cloud settings. It empowers educational institutions to enhance applications with tailored PaaS solutions and seamlessly consolidates diverse data sources to extract insights across interconnected systems. It drives innovation, scales efficiently and unlocks potential while ensuring robust connectivity and enriched functionality with your institution’s ecosystem.


Integrate platform solutions, elevate agility, cut costs and simplify IT in your institution with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. It seamlessly integrates data, processes and applications that enable effortless migration of workloads to the cloud. It also implements unified management and top-tier security through a robust platform for comprehensive institutional enhancement.

IT Infrastructure

Revamp and optimise your campus systems and operations using Mastek’s higher education solutions. We modernise infrastructures, drive innovation and streamline processes institution-wide. Also, elevate the educational experience with cutting-edge technology, fostering efficiency and enabling seamless operations to meet the evolving needs of students, faculty and staff.

Key Benefits of Oracle Higher Education Solutions

  • Increase business agility and improve outcomes.

  • Leverage innovative technologies with Oracle Higher Education ERP solutions.

  • Enhanced data security.

  • Manage student lifecycle, communications and relations.

  • Deliver better student service and personalized employee experiences.

  • Provide staff and students with better access to the ERP system, easier integrations and smoother core processes.

  • Manage global personnel effectively.

  • Digitally support HR activities like recruitment and employee engagement.

  • Enable better talent management with new approaches for corporate learning, appraisals and reviews.

System Demonstration

Leverage Oracle Cloud mastery, global support and advanced tech integration for transformative business solutions.

Delivering Value


Creating Velocity

Creating Velocity

Decomplex Ideas

Consultancy, coaching and end-to-end service transformation.