Best in Class Strategic Microsoft partner for over 2 Decades

Mastek has been a long-standing Microsoft partner & advocate of Microsoft Technology Solutions for over 2 decades. We take pride in our journey, including the prestigious engagement of London Congestion Charging, the world’s 1st largest .NET project that kicked off our large-scale transformation journey using the Microsoft technology stack.

In the last two decades, we have been working closely with our clients as their trusted Microsoft consulting partner, delivering solutions on Microsoft technology for Business Applications, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Azure Apps & Infrastructure, and Collaborations around Modern Work.

One of the key reasons behind the strong Digital & Application Engineering practice on Microsoft is our very early association with Microsoft products including, now Dynamics CRM. Mastek not only has strong Implementation skills but has also been associated with Outsourced Product Development engagements for Microsoft Product team which is now a full-blown business apps practice at Mastek.

Our Journey as Microsoft Partner

Mastek + Microsoft Partnership at a Glance

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Microsoft Experts

World's 1st .NET Project

London Congestion Charging Network

Our Microsoft Competencies

We're one of the leading Microsoft Partners with expertise in Microsoft Application Development, Application Integration, Cloud Platforms, Data Analytics and DevOps.

In the new Partner program of Microsoft, we hold Solution Partner designation in Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation

Mastek collaborated with Microsoft to drive Hackathon

Industry Leading Microsoft Partner Services & Solutions

Application Modernisation

Mastek’s core offering as a Microsoft partner includes driving strategy & execution of application modernisation. Our proven frameworks enable organisations in their journey by rationalising the portfolio, accelerating time to market, and delivering innovative experiences at scale with built-in security and high availability.

As part of application modernisation, the cloud is the first preference and leverage

Low-code development:

With the rise of digital transformation, businesses have to be agile to make quick changes to meet their new needs.

Microsoft’s low-code platform helps your business and developers address the growing need for internal workflow applications, efficient automation, rich customer experiences, and seamless integrations. It supports professional developers build applications faster by avoiding writing code line by line.

What differentiates Mastek

Mastek’s MPEF* Framework allows customers to embark on the lowest code journey from Low-Code. Our teams not only churn out applications on low-code at factory pace but also handhold customers on:

Governance Model & Strategy

Lowcode Devops

Application Rationalisation Framework

ROI Guiding Principles

License Optimisation & Consulting

Cloud-Native Development:

Mastek helps organisations build resilient, scalable, distributed applications to deliver value faster. Mastek has experience in designing and developing applications on micro-service architecture. It enables the organisation to meet rapidly changing business needs and quickly bring new functionalities to market.

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, Mastek has an experienced team that leverages Microsoft tools such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, Azure API Management etc.

Mastek differentiators

We differentiate ourselves in ensuring that the customers reap the best benefit for their App Modernisation initiatives as well as ROI on their cloud investments with our DART Framework that helps customers choose the right application use cases for cloud-native development as well as migration accelerations.

Our solution offerings helped customers to reduce 40% total cost of ownership and 30% faster time to market.

Discover how we are helping a Local Govt Council & a Microfinance Conglomerate in the UK on Microsoft PowerApps

Data & AI

As the foundation for all advanced analytics and machine learning, data is one of the organisation’s most strategic assets. Mastek delivers advanced analytics, machine learning, and pre-defined AI services to power the transformation that drives your business forward.

Mastek has capability & experience with Microsoft’s Data & AI elements such as Synapse, Data Factory, Data Lake Analytics, text analytics etc.

With the help of Microsoft’s data stack, Mastek provides

  • Unified platform for analytics

  • Flexible consumption model

  • Hybrid data integration

  • Lowest TCO

Our key differentiators

  • Common Data Platform

  • Text Analytics

  • Azure Data Lake & PowerBI Solutions for Oracle COTS

  • Azure AI Trained Models for Predictive Analytics

Discover how a leading logistic & real estate company in North America is Leveraging Azure AI & Data Stack to do Predictive / Prescriptive Analytics as well as reduce cost of delivery

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation & Managed Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation & Managed Services

Mastek helps customers to address their demands for faster response times, higher quality products, exceptional customer service, and more personal relationships by leveraging technology to transform their operations to remain competitive.

Businesses now face new challenges regarding business continuity, workforce empowerment, and operational resilience. It has never been more important to protect and leverage modern technology to mitigate financial risk, build strong customer relationships, and improve operations.

Mastek delivers Microsoft Business Applications, which enable enterprise organisations to increase revenue and profitability through greater operational efficiency, improved financial fraud protection, and deeper prospect, customer, and partner engagement levels.

Mastek has dedicated practice, bringing capability for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI.

Delivered various workflows such as required for:

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Customer Insights

Our key differentiators

  • Feasibility & Assessment Frameworks for use cases fitment

  • Industry use cases repository for Lifesciences & Healthcare

  • Our Lending Cloud Framework on Dynamics – BFSI

  • Integrated Managed Service Offering for CRM & Power platform

Discover how we Improved Contact Centre & Case Management for Local Govt Councils in the UK

Our Solutions

Intelligent Document Processor

Accelerate cycle times and lower costs with Automating Vendor Invoice Processing Platform.

IDP+ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which enables your Accounts Payables team with an efficient and audited end-to-end automated vendor invoice processing. It comprises Azure Cognitive Services, a business-driven transformation engine and seamless integration with ERP to eliminate errors and boost efficiency in Vendor Invoice Processing. IDP+ seamlessly ingests invoice data across multiple channels so you can easily manage your end-to-end Accounts payable workflows.

Extract data from invoices in real-time with our trained AI models, which can also manage the structure and unstructured data. Our Solution support batch processing, and multi-page invoices are supported.

sunbelt rental

Sunbelt Rentals is a rental equipment company that owns assets worth billions of dollars. In the organisation, the demand forecasting mechanism was highly manual and subjective leading to inaccuracies and improper asset allocation across its multiple geographies. Mastek delivered a model to be able to accurately forecast demand enabling more efficient asset allocation and utilization. Delivered solution considered data set of 400 assets across 65 districts. IDP was utilised for automation of extraction and processing of data.

Abu Dhabhi dept of education

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge oversees the educational process and is responsible for developing and legislating necessary policies and regulations in order to regulate the private school sector. Mastek leveraged the IDP solution to automate the collection of Financial Audit reports from 200+ private schools and standardise them to create a consolidated view.


Mastek with its comprehensive solution approach, empowers organisations on their DevSecOps journey. Mastek provides a complete service to evaluate the software delivery approach, which generates valuable insights on creating culture, innovate faster, secure by design ideas using the DevSecOps services.

Mastek also has an accelerator, CelerOps, which helps an organisation with DevSecOps. It fast tracks application onboarding, from weeks to days, using wholesome automation covering Environment provision, DevOps pipeline, Configuration, Real-time dashboard and collaborative feedback loops. It provides benefits to an organisation such as:

  • Compliance

  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership

  • Faster to go to market

  • Ease of maintenance

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