Driving digital-first models in healthcare and life sciences


The healthcare sector is under tremendous pressure. The strongest organisations are adapting to disruption by rapidly finding answers to increasing demand and high costs.

The healthcare and life sciences companies need to update their electronic workflows to support Covid-19 initiatives, scale virtual care, provide real-time operational insights, update infrastructure to manage increased loads and ensure cybersecurity risks are resolved. The biggest challenge is to resolve the capacity gaps that put these needs at risk.

Our experience in the healthcare sector means that we understand that your technology choices must match your immediate and long-term strategic needs. If the current need is to plan for Covid-19, you also need to think about how this technology can be aligned to your future direction. Digital re-imagination isn’t just about now, it’s about building an agile, more intelligent, and high-performing healthcare system that drives results in the long-term.

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Driving improvement in patient care with data insights

Most organisations have massive pools of data. The question then is how to provide that data to enable meaningful analytics for every role, process, decision and action.

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Integrating data for a single source of truth with the NHS

Chief Data Officers need to use data as a driver of enterprise value creation. The foundation for this is accurate, meaningful data which can be easily accessed from a single source of truth.

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One of the world's largest association for diabetes prevention and cure reduces cost and time during recruitment process by migrating from On-prem Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

One of the world's largest Association that works on diabetes prevention and cure was looking to streamline its recruitment and HR processes. With Evosys Glide, they migrated from on-prem Oracle EBS to Oracle HCM Cloud. This not only mobilised and integrated their internal processes but also gave them access to a unified single platform to avail relevant data for improving business planning and forecasting.

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Improving the interoperability of health and social care services with digital service design

Our health and social care system is incredibly complex. In order to address system-wide issues, we need to take a system-wide approach to the design and delivery of solutions.
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Data protection in healthcare: 3 tips to remain secure and compliant

Under GDPR, your healthcare organisation only needs to store and process data if it:
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Data migration to Cloud: The challenge for the NHS

NHS and social care organisations can safely locate health and care data, including confidential patient information, in the public cloud including solutions that make use of data off-shoring. - NHS and social care data: off-shoring and the use of public cloud services.
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