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Are you losing out on your workforce hours every week?
Are you mostly understaffed during busy periods?
Is your staff quitting over scheduling issues?

Say goodbye to age-old workforce challenges like unproductive downtime, sluggish efficiency, and service interruptions. Welcome to the future of seamless workforce management – all at the touch of a button.

Unlocking the full potential of your team, Mastek’s Enterprise Workforce Scheduler is your one-stop solution. Seamlessly tailored to your business, it conjures the perfect work schedule in every scenario. With the prowess to track absenteeism, payroll intricacies, safety protocols, and financial intricacies, it slashes compliance risks and anticipates the unexpected.

Revolutionizing work dynamics, our solution offers a symphony of self-service finesse and on-the-go prowess. Say hello to an era of personalized employee experiences. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, you wield unparalleled control, watching attrition rates plummet. It’s not just a solution; it’s the elixir for optimized deployment and lasting retention.

Embrace the power of tomorrow’s scheduling today. Unleash your workforce’s potential – with Enterprise Workforce Scheduler.

Product Preview

With the right technology, enhanced user engagement, and advanced shift setup, your employees get a better work-life balance, helping them fit better and do better at work.

Product Preview

With the right technology, enhanced user engagement, and advanced shift setup, your employees get a better work-life balance, helping them fit better and do better at work.


EWS comes pre-integrated with Oracle HCM, Payroll, and Projects, making these integrations an integral part of the EWS suite. As a result, there is no need for any other integration tool. The EWS suite includes seamless integration with essential HCM components, such as employee master data, work structures, absences, holidays, supervisor hierarchy, payroll elements, and assignment schedules, all available out of the box.

Integration is highly configurable according to your specific needs. In the ideal setup, certain components, like absences and assignment schedules, can be set to integrate every 15 minutes to ensure up-to-date data. Meanwhile, other components may be scheduled to integrate every 4 hours, striking a balance between data accuracy and minimizing system load.
EWS is capable of reading data from any open web services provided by biometric machine vendors.
Yes, EWS provides support for excel upload functionality, allowing users to conveniently upload both rosters and timesheets.
Yes, Seamless roster transfer to employee assignment is an out-of-the-box integration feature available in EWS.

In EWS mobile, you have the flexibility to set up multiple clock-in locations for your staff, offering them a range of options. Additionally, you have the ability to restrict certain groups of users to clock in at specific designated locations only. This feature ensures better control and compliance with location-based attendance policies.

Moreover, EWS allows you to define exemptions for particular groups of staff. These exempted users can clock in without being bound by the geo-location restrictions, providing necessary flexibility for specific scenarios or roles.

EWS offers a comprehensive infraction matrix for managing violations, such as tardiness and no-shows, with extensive customization options. Within the system, you can define specific criteria for generating attendance violations, allowing you to tailor the rules according to your organization’s policies and requirements.

The flexibility of EWS allows you to incorporate various parameters, such as grace periods, rounding hours, and occurrences rules, to fine-tune the violation generation process. These rules can be configured based on job roles, locations, business units, or other relevant criteria, providing a more granular and accurate enforcement of attendance policies.

In EWS, you have the flexibility to configure timesheet rules based on a wide range of parameters, including job roles, departments, locations, schedules, and punch data. By customizing these rules, you can accurately capture and calculate employee work hours, ensuring precise timesheet generation.

The system efficiently reads and integrates employee profiles, schedules, and punch data to automatically generate timesheets. Before finalizing payment processes in the payroll application, you can set up an approval workflow for timesheets, allowing supervisors or managers to review and authorize the recorded data.

Additionally, EWS offers the convenience of supporting Excel import for timesheet data. This feature enables smooth data entry and the import of timesheet information from external sources, facilitating a streamlined and user-friendly timesheet management process.

Meet your Employees and Business Goals with Impactful Workforce Schedules

Enterprise Workforce Scheduler offers deep functionality for time and workforce tracking, advanced scheduling, analytics, and complex absence management. It provides various effective ways to manage shifts based on your requirements and business needs.

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