Cloud-Powered Digital Reimagination: Transforming Healthcare

In his article, Vijay Iyer explores the transformative impact of cloud-powered digital solutions on the healthcare industry. He delves into how leveraging cloud technology enables healthcare providers to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation in healthcare delivery. Through real-world examples and insights, Vijay highlights the potential of cloud-based solutions to revolutionize healthcare and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Hiral’s Byline is out on Data Center Knowledge

Join Hiral Chandrana, Global CEO of Mastek, on a journey of innovation and efficiency. Dive into his article to unlock the full potential of cloud technology.

Leading with Heart: Prajakta Talvelkar Of Mastek On The Power of Authentic Women’s Leadership

Prajakta Talvelkar, CMO, Mastek shares insights on authentic women’s leadership, emphasizing the power of leading with heart. In this illuminating interview with Authority Magazine, she explores the transformative impact of genuine leadership grounded in empathy and compassion.

Unleashing the Potential of Edge Computing in the Fast Data Era

Discover the transformative power of edge computing in the fast data era with insights from leading industry experts. Explore the benefits and applications driving innovation at the edge in this comprehensive overview by our CTO, Ritwik Batabyal.

Exploring Customer Loyalty and Retention

The 2023 State of Customer Messaging Report highlights the significance of customer retention, with 95 percent of professionals emphasizing its importance. Read this in-depth article by Vijay Iyer, President- Americas, for more valuable insights.

Using AI-Mechanized Hyperautomation for Organizational Decision Making

Contemporary businesses must transform decision dynamics by adopting automation-enabled workflows and prioritizing AI-mechanized hyperautomation at the top of digital transformation. Read this byline article by Ritwik Batabyal, CTO, Mastek, for more insights.

Vijay Iyer’s byline article on Exploring Customer Loyalty and Retention

Effective customer retention extends beyond product or service quality, emphasizing ongoing customer engagement post-purchase. While subscription models play a role, a crucial strategy involves identifying customer interests. Read this in-depth article by Vijay Iyer, President- Americas, for more valuable insights.

The Five Pillars to Effectively Managing GenAI Deployment

While GenAI was the enterprise news story of 2023, the technology has yet to have a significant impact on how enterprises work. Companies must include a clear change management strategy and encouraging collaboration between AI experts and domain specialists to ensure a smooth integration of GenAI. Read this article to learn what Ritwik Batabyal has to say about fostering open communication channels to manage resistance.

2024’s Strategic Imperatives for Digital Transformation

In an exclusive article, Raman Sapra, President & Growth Chief Officer, Mastek Group shares perspectives on 2024’s Strategic Imperatives for Digital Transformation.

5 ways QA will evaluate the impact of new generative AI testing tools

The first wave of generative AI-augmented software testing and automation tools has arrived. Here’s how QA and devops teams will measure their impact.

Hiral Chandrana On How AI Can Improve The Customer Experience For Saas Products

Personalizing User Journeys: AI, including GenAI, analyzes user data to create deeply personalized experiences. GenAI’s ability to generate creative content tailored to individual preferences ensures that user journeys are not only personalized, but also uniquely engaging. By understanding user behavior, SaaS products can offer recommendations and content that resonate on a personal level, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

7 mistakes to avoid when developing RPAs

Success in automating with RPAs depends on learning from common mistakes like neglecting process analysis, underestimating change management, or overcomplicating workflows, according to Raman Sapra, President and Global Chief Growth Officer at Mastek.  

Mastek supports NHSD to achieve “high fidelity”

Mastek has won a £20m, four-year contract with NHS Digital supporting its Data Services Alliance – Collections programme.  

Harnessing Generative AI and Empowering Businesses with the Data Cloud”

Curiosity and creativity have inspired our species to achieve some of human history’s most spectacular accomplishments.  

How Synergies Between Data Cloud and Generative AI Can Help Accelerate Business Growth”

In an exclusive article, Hiral Chandrana, CEO at Mastek Group shares perspectives about how the fusion of data cloud and advanced AI capabilities can revolutionize business processes and drive accelerated innovation for enterprises.  

10+ Awesome LLM and Generative AI Capabilities for DevOps and IT Ops”

AI is evolving! What can IT, DevOps, SREs, and developers do today with gen AI and LLM capabilities to improve IT operations? Vijay Iyer, President Americas at Mastek, shares his insightful views on how Gen AI and LLM capabilities will transform the way IT operates.  

BizAnalytica Joins Mastek in Recent Acquisition”

Mastek is excited to have successfully integrated BizAnalytica, a leading provider of data cloud and modernization solutions. In an interview with Built In Boston, Mr. Hiral Chandrana, Global CEO at Mastek shares his views on how the acquisition will allow Mastek to better serve its customers working to build a strong data foundation and AI roadmap.  

Integrating ESG Practices Into Your Core Business Model

Hiral Chandrana is the global CEO of Mastek. According to McKinsey analysts, “global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion.  

Patent application on ‘An automated supply chain/logistic management with Edge IoT & real time tracking system for vehicle’ filed by Piyush Pradhan”

This invention is a solution proposed for end to end automated logistic management within the Manufacturing Sector.  

Mastek Joins the Elite League in NASSCOM’s Best IP Process Report, alongside Tech Giants”

Mastek Gets featured First-Ever in NASSCOM report for Best IP Process, Standing Proud Among Industry Giants.  

Mastek Digital Achieves CMMI Level 5 in India and UK”

Mastek Digital has been rated at Maturity Level 5 in India and the UK. It is the highest maturity level of ‘Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®

Mastek supports NHSD to achieve “high fidelity”

Mastek has won a £20m, four-year contract with NHS Digital supporting its Data Services Alliance – Collections programme.  

Mastek hasn’t felt any negative impact of slowdown in Europe & UK so far: MD”

“So far we have not seen any negative comments coming from our customers. They continue to say that the company wants to be competitive and invest in digital and because our business is almost 90% plus digital, we have not seen or heard as of today any negative impact in terms of that overall budget and outlook,” says Ashank Desai, VC & MD, Mastek  

Ramesh Ramakrishnan & Rashi Malhotra published an article in the Border Management Today magazine

Ramesh Ramakrishnan & Rashi Malhotra published an article in the Border Management Today magazine (hosted by IBMATA) on Mastek’s approach to tackling Irregular Migration in the UK through Digital Transformation.  

Durham University selects Evosys, a Mastek Company for its Oracle Cloud Migration journey

Durham University, UK, one of the global top 100 universities, has chosen Evosys, a Mastek Company and a leading Oracle Cloud Partner, for its Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to Oracle Cloud Migration Journey.  

Diversity is the central fabric of the empowering culture at Mastek”

In this article by The Economic Times our Global CHRO, Maninder Kapoor Puri talks about Mastek’s commitment to ensure empowerment and inclusion of women employees through flexible policies and laser-focused initiatives.  

Think Tank: Leaders brainstorm ways to experiment with work models at TechHR India”

Business leaders Vishpala Reddy, Pramath Nath and Maninder Kapoor Puri exchanged ideas while rethinking about experimenting with work models at People Matters TechHR India’s Think Tank session  

Mastek looking forward to creating 1600 new jobs with an investment of circa £79 Mn over the next 3 years”

Reading & Leeds, UK, 22nd April 2022: Mastek UK Ltd. a global turnkey Digital Engineering & Cloud Transformation specialist, today reinforced its commitment to support the UK’s economic recovery and growth by announcing more than 1600 jobs in the country, driven by its growth in delivering mission critical public services in the UK.  

Mastek aims to be $1 billion revenue firm by FY 2026

Mid-tier IT company Mastek is aiming for a nearly four-fold growth in its top line to a yearly rate of USD 1 billion by 2026 or early 2027 through a mix of both organic growth and acquisitions, a senior official said on Wednesday.  

Top 10 Fastest Growing Solutions Providers in the UK

Mastek has won a £20m, four-year contract with NHS Digital supporting its Data Services Alliance – Collections programme.  

‘Decomplex Digital’ with Trust, Value & Velocity”

In this article by The Economic Times our Group CEO, Hiral Chandrana talks about Mastek’s commitment to measure the social value benefits to close the gap between intention and outcome to make a real difference in digital world.  

Mastek enters the Economic times – India growth champions 2022 list”

The Economic Times and Statista have joined hands to unveil the third edition of India’s Growth Champions 2022, an ambitious initiative that aims to highlight true accelerators of the Indian economy.

Mastek Partners With Lytics for Customer Data Activation and Personalization

Mastek is partnering with Lytics to enable D2X (Direct to Stakeholder) transformation for their mutual clients.


Mastek features in the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion 2021 list

Mastek is one of the two companies in software industry that made it Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion, out of the 20,000 publicly traded companies that were considered.


Mastek Partners With fulfillmenttools to Deliver Modern Omnichannel Fulfillment Solutions to Customers Worldwide

Mastek is partnering with fulfillmenttools to enable D2X (Direct to Stakeholder) transformation for their joint clients.


Narottam Sharma, IT Transformation Leader of Sterlite Technologies moves on

He will be responsible for the overall IT and digital management which includes IT infrastructure, digital systems, and strategic performance.


Ashank Desai Founder and MD of Mastek gifts Rs.15 crore towards legacy project

The silver jubilee batch of 1995 at IIT-B on sunday pledged Rs. 20.3 crore towards legacy project.3 A legacy project is adopted by the batch celebrating its silver jubilee to contribute towards betterment of the institute and the people associated with it, and leave behind their legacy  

Mastek (UK) Ltd Armed Forces Covenant Confirmation

As a key supplier to the Ministry of Defence, Mastek is delighted to announce that we’ve signed the Armed Forces Covenant, to formalise our promise to ensure that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.  

Evosys helps Mastek look to the future with optimism

Mastek, has released Q1 results reflecting headline growth and improved profitability, helped by its recent acquisition of Oracle cloud partner, Evosys.  

Mastek stood 3rd in Tech Market View’s monthly Digital Marketplace dashboards

Mastek stood 3rd on the Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS) frameworks through its work with NHS Digital in Tech Market View’s monthly Digital Marketplace dashboards.  

Mastek looks to the future with evosys under its wing

​Evosys looks to be a good addition to the Mastek stable and in its relatively short life the company has established a strong reputation in respect of digital transformation and cloud orchestration  

Why Mastek is focusing internal capability and its hiring strategy in near future

​In this exclusive article by HRKatha our Group CPO, Maninder Kapoor Puri talks about the increased bench size in IT and how Mastek is engaging and managing those on the bench.  

Mastek ranks 29th as UK’s fastest growing Indian companies in CII-GT India Meets Britain 2020 tracker report

Grant Thorton in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry identifies the top fastest-growing Indian companies in the UK as measured by percentage revenue growth year-on-year.

Indian economy needs a player like Mastek to help it transform

In an Exclusive Interview with Mastek CFO Abhishek Singh: As Indian IT Services market grows, Mastek is poised to make the most of this opportunity with its tried and tested products that are already big in US and UK.  

Mastek is a finalist at the UK IT Industry Awards 2019

Mastek is a finalist at the UK IT Industry Awards in two categories; IT Vendor of the Year and Automation Project of the year (IPF).  

Scaling up confidence with DevOps

Mastek CTO, Gordon Cullum shared his insights on how DevOps transformation can reveal new challenges and opportunities in business in the latest issue of ‘The Software World Series – Database and Network Intelligence’  

At Mastek, ‘You are your boss’

Mastek 4.0 programme gives employees a lot of freedom, as a result of which employees give their best to the Company.  

Mastek highly commended at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards

Mastek was highly commended and overall runner up in the Digital Service Company of the Year category at last night’s Digital Technology Leaders Awards in London.  

Brexit: An Opportunity For Indian Companies?

​Group CEO John Owen spoke to Business World India and shared why he believes business leaders and investors should see Brexit as an opportunity to usher in a new era of partnership and leverage Commonwealth ties to strengthen and increase market share.  

Mastek commended by Prime Minister for contribution to UK tech sector

Mastek recognised for its £12 million investment in next generation of tech natives.  

Mastek is a Finalist at Computing’s Digital Technology Leaders Award

Happy to announce that Mastek is a Digital Technology Leaders Award finalist in two categories, ‘Digital Service Company of the Year’ and ‘Best Public Sector Digital Project’.  

John Owen Q&A – Leaderspeak, Business Today

John Owen on his biggest challenge, his best teacher in business, three key management lessons for young people and two essential qualities of a leader.  

How DevOps works in the enterprise

Discover why a DevOps implementation should start with the end goal in mind, in this Information Age feature with Gordon Cullum our CTO  

Mastek Q4 net profit jumps 41% to Rs. 27.4 crore

Mastek reported around 41% jump in its consolidated profit after tax in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2019  

Abhishek Singh – Group CFO Mastek, in discussion on company’s Q4 results

In conversation with Bloomberg Quint  

Mastek Q4 – Steady Show

John Owen, Group CEO Mastek in conversation with ET Now  

Mastek strengthens executive leadership with hire of new chief business officer, Dennis Badman

Get to know our new CBO, in this feature in the Information Age.  

Mastek scouting for acquisitions, will double head count in two years

Intending to further its growth through the inorganic route, mid-tier software services firm Mastek is looking to acquire two-three companies in the next one year. The company, which gets nearly 82 per cent of its global revenues from digital, expects it to grow to 90 per cent in the next two years.  

Together’s Transformation Story

Find out how Mastek’s digital transformation solutions helped financial services provider, Together grow the value of its loan book by 150%, well ahead of target in this feature in Finance Derivative.  

The evolution of digital transformation

What’s the next step in the evolution of your digital transformation strategy? Our CTO, Gordon Cullum offers advice in this Business Reporter feature.

Driving a successful digital transformation strategy

Gordon Cullum, our CTO explains what it takes to drive a successful and evolving digital transformation strategy in this feature, in the Information Age.  

My Working Day, John Owen Interview

Ever wondered what a working day looks like for our CEO, John Owen? Read this interview in Business Leader Magazine to find out.  

Metropolitan Police and IndigoBlue are Finalists at the DevOps Excellence Award

We are delighted to announce that the Metropolitan Police and IndigoBlue have been shortlisted for a DevOps Excellence Award in the category, DevOps Project of the Year.  

IDG Connect – Career advice from John Owen

Whether you are a budding IT professional or an experienced executive, this interview in IDG Connect with John Owen, our CEO will inspire you to greater heights of achievement. Read the interview.    

Mastek profits grow for 11-straight quarters

Watch Mastek CEO, John Owen talk about how by focusing on digital, the company is capitalising on its core strengths and driving business transformation for customers, in this interview with Bloomberg.  

John Owen discusses Mastek’s Q3 performance in an exclusive interview with the Economic Times

In an interview with Economic Times earlier this week, John Owen talked about how Mastek’s focus on digital projects enables us to successfully compete on our core strengths of architecture, engineering excellence and delivery track record. Please click here​ to read the full article.

Cannibalise or be eaten, how to become a disruptor

Advice from industry leaders including Mastek CTO, Gordon Cullum on how technology companies can make use of innovation to ride the wave of disruption.  

How to Ensure Black Friday Doesn’t Turn into Bleak Friday for UK Retailers

Retailers should consider the performance of their e-commerce platforms using data to gain customer insight, explains Mastek CTO, Gordon Cullum in this feature in the New Business.  

Mastek Wins European Software Testing Awards

Mastek along with Specsavers, our customer is a winner in the Best Test Automation Project – Functional category.  

Mastek Digital Transformers

Mastek CEO John Owen explains why the business is a trusted partner for several industry verticals in this interview with the Gigabit.  

Home Office picks Mastek to support HOB biometrics programme

This procurement will support the HOB Programme’s evolution of its systems and services, including the introduction of new services through the provision of an application development capability.  

IndigoBlue wins two DevOps Industry Awards

IndigoBlue and its clients have won two DevOps Industry Awards.  

The digital divide: Making digital transformation work for, not against, citizens

In this Q&A in the Business Reporter, Mastek Group CEO, John Owen details how public and private sector businesses can capitalise on digital technology to support decision-making and enhance user experiences.  

Together’s transformative innovation drives growth

Find out how technology infrastructure developed by Mastek helped Together treble its loan book over a four-year period. Read this interview feature in the Telegraph with Simon Carter, IT Director at Together.  

Mastek is a Finalist in three UK IT Industry Awards categories

Mastek has been shortlisted in not one, but three categories of the UK IT Industry Awards..

Mastek CEO, John Owen wins the Finance Monthly CEO Award 2018

Finance Monthly awarded John the CEO Award for his outstanding contribution in driving Mastek’s growth agenda over the past 12 months 2018.

Data virtualization: not a silver bullet, but definitely a silver lining

Mastek’s CTO, Gordon Cullum talks about business areas where data virtualisation is a viable option for addressing data management challenges and where it isn’t, in this Continuity Central article  

Together’s transformative innovation drives growth trajectory

Simon Carter, IT Director at Together tells Business Reporter how working with Mastek led to innovative functionality that helped this financial services provider more than double its business.

What you ought to know about digital transformation risks

Read and listen to industry and Mastek thought leaders delve on business, technology, cultural and other risks that pose a threat to digital transformation success in this Business Reporter article.

Mastek CEO has grand ambitions

John Owen explains how the company has evolved and diversified, and shares growth plans in this TechMarketView interview. Registration required to view this document.  

Mastek decodes and discusses the quarter in detail with BTVI

John Owen, Group CEO – Mastek decodes and discusses the quarter in detail with BTVI.  

Mastek’s Plans For FY19

On Countdown, we speak to Mastek’s Abhishek Singh on the quarter gone by and the road ahead.  

John Owen speaks to ET Now

John Owen, Group CEO – speaks to ET Now about Mastek Quarterly performance  

Mastek Wins Outstanding contribution – IT at CNBC-AWAAZ CEO Awards

Mastek won Outstanding contribution – IT at CNBC- AWAAZ CEO Awards. Ashank Desai (One of Mastek’s Founders) received the award from Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, Shri Raman Singh in Raipur.  

Data Protection: What role do CFOs have?

Check out this guidance from finance executives including our CFO, Abhishek Singh on risk mitigation measures for maintaining data confidentiality.  

Business Reporter: Digital transformation – what does it mean for your organization

Excerpts from our CEO, John Owen’s keynote address to business leaders at the Business Reporter Breakfast Briefing. He emphasised the need for the entire business to buy-in to a digital transformation project if it is to succeed.