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The media and entertainment industry is complex and diverse in nature as it includes a wide range of services like broadcasting, publishing, gaming, advertising, digital media, and entertainment services. Today, the media, entertainment, and communications industry are witnessing a shift from a content-driven model to a customer-centric model. This has resulted in an increased volume of fragmented audiences. Additionally, direct-to-consumer subscription models have increased the preference for a self-service-like experience for customers.

Innovate your content, delivery, and user experience with the help of Oracle Media and Entertainment solutions to satisfy and retain the user base. Partner with us to address challenges related to transitioning and succeeding into the digital world.

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Challenges Faced by Media and Entertainment Industry

Lack of Transparency

Compliance with laws/regulations

Challenges with respect to taxation

Threat to media channels

Hurt and life threats to people working in the industry

Concern relating to data privacy

Licensing requirements

Copyright and piracy issues

Adaptation challenges

Lack of financial support

Media Reputation

Discrimination and lack of efforts

Bullying and harassment at the workplace

Challenges Faced by Communication Industry

  • Network Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Utilizing Old Legacy Systems

  • Project Driven Supply Chain for 5G, 4G and Fiber Rollout

  • Faster Financial Closing and Reporting Across Operating Companies

  • CPE / Device Supply Chain - Distribution and Reverse Logistics

  • Digital Finance Cockpit for Telecom Executives

  • Risk Management and Compliance

  • Complex Procurement for Telecom Operators

  • Connected Planning for Telecom Operators

  • Personalized Employee Experience for Telcos

  • One Cloud Solution for Finance and HR

Success Stories

Digitizing ERP Processes for a Maldives-based Telco Giant

Our team implemented an integrated end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning and the Finance Apps to digitize the client’s business processes.

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America’s Middle East Broadcasting Network Inc (MBN) Reduces Manual HCM Processes with Oracle Cloud

We helped them reduce manual errors and costs by efficiently managing the absence process using Oracle.

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Oracle Media and Entertainment Solutions

Know, acquire, engage and empower direct-to-consumer audiences.

Empower consumers with a personalized experience and reduce cost-to-serve for pay-tv.

Understand consumer DNA and get more value from consumers from AI.

Minimize the risk of content investment, optimize resources, and drive profitability.

Automate and simplify content transformation from ingest to content publication.

Transform the fan experience in the Stadium and manage it efficiently.

Reimagine Communications with Oracle Media and Entertainment

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