Mastek is a part of the UiPath Business Partner Program. Our resources are qualified and certified to offer comprehensive UiPath services including implementation, support, training, consulting and others.

Mastek also has achieved the highest level of UiPath technical accreditation by receiving UiPath Services Network (USN) certification. To get the USN status, our team has proven its expertise and demonstrated advanced delivery skills in building scalable and end-to-end automation solutions for clients spread across different geographies. We accelerated automation journeys for healthcare institutions, public sector and government entities, retailers and financial services providers.

The UiPath Services Network Program provides a framework offering partner differentiation, resources, training, and certifications to ensure mutual customer success. With UiPath USN status, we strive to gain a competitive edge and expand our skillsets while designing and delivering automation solutions for specific business needs. It also helps UiPath leverage Mastek’s capabilities to build industry-specific digital solutions powered by the UiPath platform to solve customer problems.

Mastek-UiPath Partnership Offerings

To navigate through the dynamic market conditions and cater to the evolving demands of the customers, modern businesses are looking for solutions that streamline existing processes, boost their efficiency, offer comprehensive insights into the different operations and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

We assist organizations in achieving these objectives and enable them to automate complex decisions. We offer a range of UiPath implementation services which are not limited to:

ServiceNow Operations

Strategy and Assessment – We examine the existing systems with a fine lens to understand and define the path to derive value from the same by integrating the automation capabilities in them.

ServiceNow Integration

Centre of Excellence (CoE) Set up, Implementation and Scaling: We establish a dedicated intelligent Automation CoE within clients’ environments. We use our automation maturity model as a guideline to scale the automation initiatives while developing clients’ internal capabilities. We start with Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and whenever we see benefits, we deploy technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Al to achieve a high degree of automation.

ServiceNow ITOM

Robotic Process Automation: We provide implementation and development services to help in supporting the design, configuration, and setup of RPA and wider digital enablement solutions.

ServiceNow Analytics and Reporting

Operationalize, Optimize, and Improve: Set up Intelligent Automation control center and work with client teams to own, run, maintain, and improve automation.

ServiceNow Accelerators

Change Management – We assist businesses in drafting change management plans, conduct awareness sessions and ensure the smooth adoption of automation solutions. Our team guides enterprises in building governance frameworks to initiate automation organization-wide while adhering to industry rules and compliance requirements.

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Selecting the right AWS partner is crucial as your business’ entire IT infrastructure is pillared in the AWS Cloud environment.

Once you have understood your requirements, the next step is to look for a partner who has expertise in implementing AWS solutions that cater to your specific objectives. Evaluate their strengths and offerings based on their years of experience, awards, certifications, customer success stories and testimonials. Make a point to select a provider who has resources with certifications in multiple aspects of AWS implementation and management.
Mastek is known as a one-stop shop AWS partner as our services include cloud migration and transformation, data services and digital commerce offerings. We support you on every step of the AWS Cloud adoption and transformation journey. Our team of 200+ AWS experts implement futuristic AWS solutions that complement your business model and enable you to drive maximum value.
Mastek has expertise in engineering AWS solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, retail and public sectors. Our team is trained to unlock the power of AWS Cloud for enterprises in automotive, transport, telecom and oil and gas industry domains.
Mastek, with its industry knowledge and deep AWS acumen, has created a portfolio of innovative solutions that help businesses to accelerate growth.

Our expertise lies in AWS Cloud migration and transformation, and it is not limited to API management, enterprise integration, low code/no code, cloud modernization, Agile DevSecOps, Cloud Data Analytics & AI and Cloud Native Development. Additionally, we have experience and prowess in building digital commerce solutions using industry commerce cloud frameworks on AWS hosting to enable enterprises to deliver omnichannel customer experience.

UiPath Overview

UiPath has been recognized as a Magic Quadrant Leader in the RPA space for the 4th consecutive year by Gartner. There are more than 200 components in its marketplace giving enterprises a wide scale of choices for automating their specific routine operations. They specialize in offering scalable automation platforms that accommodate companies’ varying and growing needs as they initiate their digital transformation journeys. Their robots enable businesses to enhance their compliance adherence. There are reporting features that give businesses a fair insight into the performance of the robots and their processes. Their entire solution portfolio revolves around standardizing routine operations and allowing businesses to drive efficiency and accuracy in the same way.

Transform and Innovate with Mastek as your AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.