ServiceNow Partner


Mastek is an illustrated ServiceNow Premier partner with deep product knowledge of ServiceNow solutions and its implementation enabling businesses to optimize processes. We also made a strategic investment in Volteo Edge, to allow our customers to leverage the power of Data, Analytics and IoT and thrive in the connected economy.

With Edge to Service as our value proposition, we help businesses realize future digital transformation objectives with today’s technology solutions. We are industry leaders in developing intelligent solutions that combine the capabilities of ML, AI, analytics and visual computing on a single platform.

Key Statistics

Reduction in SLA
Reduction in operational costs
Improvement in operational efficiency

Mastek-ServiceNow Partnership Offerings

Mastek offers next-generation Digital Integrated Service Management and Business Automation through ServiceNow. Our development experts are trained and certified to help businesses develop and scale applications on the Now platform. We examine the businesses’ application ecosystems and guide them if new applications should be developed to suit their needs or if enhancing the capabilities of existing solutions will serve the purpose.

  • ServiceNow Operations - Our comprehensive implementation services mimic a strategically planned full-delivery service model that elevates the bottom line of businesses of different niches and sizes. We follow the best ServiceNow platform practices to solve pressing business problems whilst ensuring optimum value realization.

  • ServiceNow Integration - We offer seamless and customized integration between the ServiceNow platform and business-critical applications to automate typical routine operations & enable enterprises to focus on other important strategic initiatives.

  • ServiceNow ITOM - With our expertise and experience in the ITOM solutions suite, we help businesses automate infrastructure discovery, compliance maintenance, services mapping and event rationalization. We enable them to gain complete visibility of the interconnected infrastructure assets and eliminate redundant systems.

  • ServiceNow Analytics and Reporting - Our experts using the innate features of the ServiceNow solution portfolio design centralized dashboards that enable organizations to monitor and measure the performance of their operations in real-time. Businesses can retrieve reports that help them improve their process efficiency and accuracy.

  • ServiceNow Accelerators - Our ingenious team has prepared a library of 25+ accelerators that facilitates the automation of internal IT. The accelerators offer complete insights into the overall operations and identify vulnerable areas.

ServiceNow Overview

ServiceNow has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q4 2022. It offers a cloud computing platform that allows modern business leaders to manage digital workflows and build an intelligent and connected workplace. Their product portfolio consists of IT Workflows, Customer Workflows, Employee Workflows and Creator Workflows. Their solution range enables businesses to achieve several objectives such as enhanced customer experience, technology excellence, amicable employee experience, operating excellence and hyper-automation. All their solutions and services are tailored for companies to uplift their bottom line and deliver better outcomes.