Driving improvement in patient care with data insights

Most organisations have massive pools of data. The question then is how to provide that data to enable meaningful analytics for every role, process, decision and action.

The data warehouse is far from obsolete—it has evolved into a foundation for data analytics that can drive revenue growth, manage operational risk and maintain compliance.  The evolved data warehouse is a bridge between big data and the benefits of traditional data warehousing.

We have already helped our clients to use data warehouses to:

  • Accelerate data integration 
  • Provide seamless self-service capabilities for business users
  • Apply automation to structured data processes
  • Improve data security

The new ‘frontline’ for healthcare is to use modern data warehouses as building blocks for care improvement, where all data can be accessed by every clinician, administrator and application. The NHS decided to use new technologies to create data analytics products for patient safety and improvements.

faster real time collections
faster response time for patients
> 70Tb
of patient data

About Client

The NHS is the Government-funded medical and health care services that everyone living in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service.


  • Need for an efficient data warehousing platform acting a single source of Truth for all data need 
  • Integrate with other providers to facilitate analytical data-driven insights with best practice and support to assist end-users
  • Provide common data to underpin analytics and crucial strategic initiatives such as A&E Dashboard, Model Hospital and Patient Level Costing
  • Support and maintain the hybrid architecture which combines on-premise infrastructure with Azure cloud services


  • Building and implementing Parallel DWH platform using MS-APS
  • Developing highly performant Apps/APIs using Azure event hubs, CosmosDB
  • Building an automatic monitoring and alerting framework
  • Using modern resources, such as React Native, to develop the NHS Emergency Care Mobile App


  • Ensured a single version of the truth for improved operational and services insights
  • Enabled real-time collections to run 10x faster
  • Drove 90% faster response times for patient level and other reports


The team are increasingly thinking proactively about what we need as an organisation and making suggestions. Please continue this as it really helps us."