Implementing intelligent automation at Together

Intelligent Automation provides a fast, cost effective and scalable solution that meets the need to enable cost reductions, optimise processes and provide valuable insights.

Chief Executive Officers and Chief Finance Officers need to optimise key processes in a legacy environment of on-premise applications and inefficient processes. According to Gartner, almost 90% of general accounting operations and over 70% of financial reporting activity are highly automatable processes.

We have already used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help our clients to:

  • Select the right use cases based on robust discovery processes
  • Choose technology that meets their needs now and in the future
  • Scale out to other functions
  • Train a core team and drive cultural change

Our client, Together wanted to use RPA to drive out inefficiencies with existing manual processes, create business value and lower operational costs while at the same time supporting the long term business strategy.

RPA processes live in 12 months
business process across mapped to RPA
2.5 hrs
business savings per day

About Client

Together offers a range of mortgage and secured loan products, to all sorts of people and businesses. They get to know the person behind the application and an underwriter – not a computer – makes the final decision, every time.


  • Opportunity to automate a large number of high volume, repetitive and rules based tasks within the organisation 
  • Ability to operate and deliver change in an agile way
  • Regular monthly releases outside of the normal project release cycle
  • Re-allocation of colleagues to undertake more value-add work
  • Deliver automation to Shared Service departments who often fall outside the usual change framework


  • Implementing Intelligent Automation using UiPath
  • Creation of an RPA function and team that operates in an agile way to support monthly RPA releases across the organisation
  • Forming of an RPA Centre of Excellence (COE) responsible for the creation of the RPA backlog, sponsorship and prioritisation of RPA candidates across together


  • Provided guidance and support with the creation and the governance of a new RPA function within together
  • Identified RPA candidates and map UiPath to 50+ business processes across 20 departments within together
  • Developed, automated and released 12 RPA processes into live in the last twelve months
  • Automated some very complex processes saving the business 2.5 hrs per day for just one of the 12 live processes


Mastek’s knowledge of RPA is excellent and the team have been instrumental in supporting Together's RPA journey and the successes of the last 12 months."

Jonathan Surplus

Application Manager, Together.



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