Developing and modernising Together’s applications

Adopting a business focused approach to application development and modernisation helps you to build critical capabilities that support business goals.

Application leaders, architects and development specialists can use application development and modernisation to progress business priorities, build agile architectures and design strategies to resolve integration and legacy issues.

Application development and modernisation strategies have already helped our clients to:

  • Prioritise applications that contribute to critical business capabilities
  • Create a business case to forecast incremental application migration
  • Implement continuous modernization to support evolving technology and business goals

Our client, Together decided to double their revenue in five years.  The applications that they used were not scalable to support the proposed business plans.  Their success relied on replacing and modernising their existing legacy systems to increase their business capability, efficiency and productivity.

broker satisfaction
reduction in underwriting time
loan book growth

About Client

Together offers a range of mortgage and secured loan products, to all sorts of people and businesses. They get to know the person behind the application and an underwriter – not a computer – makes the final decision, every time.


  • Support the enterprise digital strategy to increase efficiency without headcount growth
  • Replace soon to be out of support legacy technologies with a modern architecture 
  • Design and develop two websites, one for brokers and one for internal users
  • Handle complex business rules across the system with flexible design, to enable semi-automatic underwriting and loan processing


  • Migrating from on-premise to Azure cloud
  • Pushing loan data into a data warehouse daily to generate management reports
  • Enabling seamless integration with multiple applications without making any modification to code
  • Creating a Selenium based automation framework
  • Designing an intuitive customer journey


  • Improved satisfaction for 95% of brokers
  • Reduced underwriting time by 30%
  • Achieved 300% loan book growth over 5 years



Driving digitisation with seamless portal integration for Together

Innovation can't really be ordered on demand, but Together wants to be actively open to new ideas, and is looking to Mastek to bring them to the table.
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