A Leading British Retailer Delivered Better Online Shopping Experiences with Salesforce and Mastek

The Client

A leading British retail company with a global presence in clothing and homeware products. This client has over 400 stores all over the world and more than 20 million clothing and home customers globally with over 4 million app users.   

Setting the Context

For modern customers, a mobile app for online shopping is pivotal as it offers quick access to a wide range of products, personalized recommendations and efficient payment options on the go. It plays a significant role in uplifting customer satisfaction quotient as it tailors delightful experiences via a user-friendly interface. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, retailers can enhance their digital presence and drive business growth with scalable and secure e-commerce mobile applications.  

Mastek decomplexed omnichannel experiences for a famous British retailer with Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation services.  

The Challenges

Need to add new features and drive smooth third-party integrations to gain an edge in the online shopping space.  

  • Performance and security improvements, and website production support leveraging SFRA architecture and mobile application for India region. 

  • Improvement of site performance, security, and reliability with speed to market, innovation, and retail industry best practices. 

  • Provide customers with an option to get their order delivered at the nearest store and to pick up the same at their convenience. 

  • Build dynamic landing pages that are easy to manage without the developer’s help. 

The Solution

Mastek, a trusted Salesforce partner, implemented the Einstein recommendation feature to cater to the client’s requirement of adding personalization in every customer journey.  

  • Configured OCAPI and implemented custom OCAPI hooks for mobile app. 

  • Introduced a 'Click & Collect' functionality within the mobile app, offering shoppers the flexibility to have their orders delivered to their nearest store for convenient and hassle-free pickup. 

  • Built dynamic pages leveraging the Salesforce Commerce Page Designer and creating multiple custom components to help merchandisers. 

  • Implemented the Freshchat, a support chat system to provide users an option to chat with the customer support team. 

  • Implemented Adobe & Firebase analytics, and Affise pixel tracking to capture user’s browsing and transactional activities. With this, the client was able to better understand the customer behaviour and draft strategies to improve the order conversion and customer retention. 

  • Delivered multiple enhancements for browse, cart and checkout pages. 

  • Implemented push notifications for mobile app to show the clickable pop-ups to user’s mobile device.

The Outcome

With the mobile application, the leading retailer is able to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty with innovative features such as personalized content, push notifications about offers and more.  

With Mastek as their trusted partner for Salesforce Cloud implementation, the client realised the following advantages: 

  • Successful migration of Order Management System without impacting the user experience. 

  • Enhanced merchandiser experience with the capability to manage the dynamic pages through a business manager. 

  • Enhanced customer experience with the enablement of multiple features like – Buy Online Pick from Store, Chatbot integration, Auto OTP read and Push notifications on the mobile app.