Data migration to the Cloud can be a real pain – Why it’s worth the headache

There’s no doubt that moving your data assets to the Cloud can be complex, time-consuming, and a real headache. But there are some great reasons why it’s worth going through the process. A successful data migration can:

  • Eliminate data siloes that impede operational efficiency
  • Manage technical debt & improve performance
  • Create immediate, real-time access to your business and customer data
  • Position your data to leverage AI supported analysis
  • Achieve the kind of value from your data that drives business growth

“Successful” is the key word here. Managing the kind of data cloud migration project that brings measurable value and velocity to your business requires careful planning, meticulous execution, and the right consulting partner. Understanding what you’re about to embark on – and a little pre-work to prepare for the project – goes a long way toward a seamless experience bringing your data assets to the cloud.

In many ways, the secret to a successful data migration falls within two key areas: planning and resources. Working against a detailed plan, designed for your environment and business requirements, ensures that everyone involved understands the timeline, activities, dependencies, and accountability that impacts moving forward. It also highlights the resources required to perform the migration effectively with minimal risk to the business.

Our whitepaper, Five Stages of a Headache-Free Data Migration, dives into the five core phases of a successful data migration to the cloud. Leveraging decades of expertise from our Data, Automation, and AI team, and industry best practices, we’re sharing our knowledge on what you can expect from a data modernization process, how to prepare for your first whiteboarding session, and how to find the right consulting partner to guide you through it with value and velocity. Included is a handy checklist to help you get started.

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