Sustainability is the Future of Business

Every organisation across the public and private sector is facing a new challenge: increased regulation and consumer pressure for environmental reporting.

Specifically, how to use their increased access to data to connect sustainability outcomes.

Data insight wins.

It cuts through the noise. And drives increased profitability.

We’ve seen how important software is to our clients. It’s how they analyse the environmental data they generate and build long-term strategies.

That’s why how you select and implement your tool is key to success.

To help drive the success of your EPM implementations, we’re sharing our insights—and those of Mike Pearson, Programme Manager at Link Housing Group—on the steps you need to take to establish a successful sustainability strategy.

These insights are based on Link Group’s work to dedicate itself to environmental responsibility thought Net Zero targets and decarbonisation efforts.

Mike Pearson, Programme Manager at Link Group says, “As part of our 30 year vision we understand the need to get continuously better, so the idea of a digital solution was a no brainer, as was the implementation of further phases in 2021 and 2023, to add on more services that are funnelled through the technology.”

We want you to take Link Group’s experience and make it your own. So, we’ve turned their experience into a two page report with four key steps.

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