Wellington reduced 24% of its IT spends by migrating to AWS Redshift with BizAnalytica (A Mastek LLC)

About Client

For Wellington Management, a Boston-based investment management firm that advises more than 2,200 institutional clients, data is core to its ability to driving business. The firm draws on a robust body of proprietary research to create investment solutions tailored to each client’s unique return and risk objectives.

In an effort to seek greater agility and scale, Wellington engaged with us to develop a modernized strategy for their existing Oracle data warehouse environment and new cloud technologies. Wellington wanted to build a flexible cloud architecture with newly automated processes and a modernized front-end.


Wellington’s use of data was fragmented and compartmentalized, creating a suboptimal client and employee data access experience, and failing to accommodate growth. Business units needed a way to speed up development of custom web applications for unique client needs before competitors could beat them to market. The firm needed a solution that would support a more agile, cost effective, and scalable data management approach.

  • Organizational data needs dependent on legacy Oracle Systems.

  • Lack of real-time data for data-driven decision-making.

  • High maintenance cost and slow application development.

  • Gaps between in-house knowledge and the training and support provided by AWS.

Why BizAnalytica (a Mastek company)

  • Proven expertise in migrating from Oracle to AWS Redshift.

  • Ability to create a business case to validate costs savings.

  • Model to reduce high maintenance cost and slow application development.

The Solution

Our team developed a data strategy with a hybrid cloud approach that made elastic resources available for analysts and developers. Once the strategy was ratified, our team launched a result and goal-oriented proof of concept (PoC) to solidify the business case for implementing AWS Redshift and supplemental cloud technologies to replace the existing Oracle environment. This solution delivery approach was able to explore and address Wellington’s concerns with the technology and build confidence in a combination of products from AWS and open source platforms.

These Solutions Included

  • Creating a unified front-end that makes data workflows highly customizable and accessible for application development.

  • Rewriting queries and processes that were defined in Oracle to AWS-friendly SQL.

  • Building a secure, continuous data sync between legacy systems and the cloud.

Advantages of partnering with us

  • USABILITY: Employees now could run ad hoc queries, quickly iterate, and improve existing applications.

  • ADMINISTRATION: Wellington’s workload and daily management requirements were greatly simplified.

  • SCALABILITY: The environment could now handle massive growth in user data from 5 TB to over 1 PB with little response time degradation.

  • PERFORMANCE: Wellington saw a 2x improvement in query response times.

  • AFFORDABILITY: Operating costs reduced significantly moving to AWS, and the migration was achieved efficiently, with better results, and over a shorter timeframe – resulting in an overall reduction of 24% in IT spending.

The Results

With flexible cloud architecture, newly automated processes, and a modernized frontend, Wellington teams adopted a more agile development model. This critical piece of the firm’s digital transformation strategy enabled the development of over 250 new custom applications. Over 600 were optimized for AWS over the course of the project.