Netflix Experiences 30% Increase in its Operational Efficiencies with Volteo Edge’s Asset Management Solution

Business Context

Volteo Edge’s innovative IoT solutions, powered by Edge Intelligence - automate traditionally manual business processes with significant return on investment opportunities.  

Volteo Edge enabled Netflix to address the inevitable discrepancies between traditional asset management systems and the real-world assets they attempt to track.  

Netflix, Inc. is an American media company. It operates the over-the-top subscription video-on-demand service Netflix brand, which includes original films and television series commissioned or acquired by the company and third-party content licensed from other distributors.

The Situation

Embedded ‘EDGE’ Intelligence to Influence Operational Efficiency

Netflix provides streaming content to millions of customers, requiring verification of every device using their services. This verification starts with physically finding the devices in their sprawling facilities (earlier done by their ERP solution). The assets were received, moved, or disposed of, and the ERP system provided a system of record regarding their location. However, the limitations involved inevitable discrepancies between what the system of records showed versus reality in the field, as people forget to update the ERP system when they move assets. Such discrepancies accumulated, and Netflix had to periodically suspend operations to conduct manual reconciliations, enduring schedule delays as they conducted brute force searches and even expedited replacements when assets could not be found in time. The only way to avoid these discrepancies was through intelligence at the edge, and this is where Volteo Edge stepped in. 

The Solution

An ‘Edge’ that Accelerated Netflix’s Business Performance

Intelligence at the edge eliminates these inevitable discrepancies and enables frequent automated asset verifications. Through RFID tags and readers mounted strategically throughout Netflix’s facilities, Volteo Edge Solution’s intelligence at the edge notices immediately when an asset is moved, even if the human moving the asset forgets to update the ERP system. Intelligence at the edge can take over updating the ERP system, and lead humans directly to the right asset when it’s needed, through an accurate location and, if necessary, handheld sensors for fine-tuned searches.  

The Results

Shaping the Future for Netflix

With Volteo Edge’s intelligence coupled with IoT expertise, Netflix achieved - 

  • 100% accuracy in inventory visibility and tracking

  • 30% increase in operational efficiencies

Volteo Edge solution enabled asset/inventory tracking at the Netflix campuses – which effectively replaced error-prone human record updates with continuous error-free monitoring of assets at actual locations.