40% with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

What if you could put money right back in your CIO’s pocket? Or tell your team, “I know how we can give our finance team back two workdays a month to support value-added services?

Unlikely, right? Well, for companies implementing Oracle Transportation Management, like Zamil, this is a reality. And you can achieve these benefits too.

But, just like Zamil, you need to make the shift to a single platform to support effective global transportation management.

You’ll learn:

  • How Zamil manages global supply chain complexity
  • Examples of common challenges
  • Insights from Zamil on how to map your solution to business requirements
  • Benefits from Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Use these tactics in your business, and you’ll get a 40% boost in payroll performance too. But this won’t happen unless you download the report.

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