An Upscale Casual Restaurant Saves Up to 400+ Man Hours Per Month with Mastek as their Managed Service Provider

Business Context

Cloud Enhancement Services (CES) enable cloud solutions to consistently deliver value with in-depth observability, productivity–enhancing automation, AI-powered insights, exception-based interventions, and incident handling (as and when required). With options of customized packages for varied business models, it ensures cost and architecture optimization and resource efficiency, whenever and wherever possible. 

A well-renowned, full-service winery chain in North America, with more than 45 locations, our client specializes in handcrafted wine, modern casual dining, and retail.  


The Situation

Managing Cloud Infrastructure for Future Growth and Transformation

With an aim to continuously improve their enterprise operations, the client was looking to

  • Create a more mature and improved business model 

  • Keep their Oracle Cloud investments supported, updated, and enhanced

The client chose Mastek as their support partner based on its technical expertise, ‘decomplex digital’ approach, adaptability, and decision-making maturity to stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment. As a trusted Oracle partner with strong CES capabilities and a proven track record in the managed services arena., Mastek was their choice to meet their objectives of both management and continuous improvement of their Oracle Cloud-related operations.

The Solution

Simplifying and automating the cloud infrastructure

Mastek optimized the client’s processes and data for efficiency and ease of use by:

  • Establishing governance with a CSI framework 

  • Ensuring daily health checks  

  • Streamlining the metadata update process  

  • Defragmenting the database through Intelligent scripts  

  • Proactive monitoring of OIC Jobs    

  • Enhancing the Release Management process

The ERP Database was resized and reorganized to ensure minimal errors in the ERP and EPM Systems, and unplanned service interruptions were automated to reduce downtime up to 2x.

The Results

Higher efficiency with greater security

By simplifying and streamlining the client’s processes, and providing them with an ever-ready cloud infrastructure, Mastek freed up their resources to focus more on strategic business initiatives and cost-optimization efforts — thereby delivering significant reduction of IT costs.

Mastek’s solution also enabled the following:

  • Stabilizing of high volumes through proactive monitoring and predictive analysis of critical incidents, month on month 

  • Accurate forecast of quarterly functional releases  

  • On-time reporting of integration summary status, to enable accurate weekly financial reporting   

  • ~30% cost saving and 100 man-hour improvement due to streamlining of the review recognition process 

  • Monthly saving of up to 200-man hours through automation of OIC integration and invoice coding; Potential monthly saving of an additional 100-man hours through Gratshare automation 

  • Zero performance or memory-related errors through stabilization of the OIC environment 

This has enabled the client to become a truly resilient digital enterprise with a robust IT infrastructure, optimized monitoring and management backup, efficient database administration, and comprehensive vulnerability and penetration testing.