Is it the right time to include B2B e-commerce platforms in the IT infrastructure?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) used to run IT services and infrastructure for a business based on a break-fix model, where companies could contract an outside team to identify problems and resolve them as they happened. This outsourced model of managed services was focused on reactive fixes, technical issues and guess work. 

To deliver value, enterprises need to change their services model to a proactive approach, where the focus is on measurable business outcomes. Executives need to choose an MSP with a clear strategy and roadmap, standard models for delivery, strategic vendor partnerships and flexible commercial models that enable business objectives.  

Experts at Mastek have developed a whitepaper, closely examining how the continuous evolution available with cloud managed services can be a game-changing alternative to the traditional ways of supporting and maintaining digital services.  

This white paper covers:   

  • How the role of managed services has changed  

  • The four critical limitations of conventional managed services  

  • Why you should work with MSPs for strategic goals  

  • What an ideal managed services solution looks like 

Download this whitepaper and explore how enterprises can access the full potential of the cloud with an MSP that takes on the responsibility of driving an ongoing shift towards new capabilities in a rapidly changing market.    

Download whitepaper