Mastek Empowers a Well-known Integrated Caregiver to Optimize Patient Experience and Revolutionize Care Giving

The Client

The client is a patient-focused company founded by doctors for doctors and one of the largest integrated care providers in the world. Backed by a team of 15,000 clinicians, the client offers services across the entire care continuum-delivering emergency medicine, critical care, virtual care, general surgery, behavioral health and more. 

Setting the Context

Legacy systems create significant challenges for the healthcare sector-increased costs, siloed processes and cybersecurity breaches. Oracle Cloud solutions empower organizations to disrupt traditional models, unlock value-based care, optimize costs and achieve satisfactory outcomes. A reliable and experienced partner can help healthcare institutions accelerate cloud adoption and deliver patient-centric care.  

Mastek decomplexed digital and unleashed the power of Oracle Cloud solutions for a top global integrated caregiver, enabling it to revolutionize caregiving. 

The Situation

Need to migrate from outdated systems to elevate care standards and streamline processes 

With an aim to drive better experiences for its patients and physicians, the client wanted to modernize its technology infrastructure to: 

  • Optimize performance and improve process efficiency 

  • Unify data and generate a single source of truth to upgrade reporting and overall visibility 

  • Create a seamless authentication experience and add a security layer while accessing cloud applications   

  • Ensure the ability to navigate future challenges with flexibility, scalability and agility 

Mastek Solution

Digital transformation with Oracle Cloud to streamline processes and reimagine patient experience 

Mastek steered the client through its cloud adoption journey. We leveraged our healthcare industry experience and deep acumen on Oracle Cloud solutions to accelerate revenue growth. Our “decomplex digital” approach enabled the client to realize the potential of the Cloud.  

We deployed the Glide-ADOPT (Advisory, Design, Orchestrate, Prepare, Transition) methodology to migrate the client to Oracle EPM Cloud and revamp its entire IT infrastructure without disruptions.  

Our solution enabled the client to:  

  • Migrate 20 on-prem applications, 23 Essbase Cubes, 4000+ reports and 28 integration touchpoints to the Cloud  

  • Migrate 100 GB of data from legacy systems to Oracle Cloud  

  • Gain a bird-eye's view of operations by incorporating dashboards 

  • Drive better insights from data, improved reporting, top-notch data security, governance and compliance. 

The Result

A robust technology backbone powered by Oracle Cloud helped the client transform healthcare delivery

We empowered the client to modernize its legacy systems and navigate through operational uncertainty, manage cost and productivity, and deliver patient-focused care. We leveraged the industry specific planning capabilities of Oracle EPM and helped the client improve planning and forecasting processes.  

Our implementation of Oracle Cloud enabled the client to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Regular updates in the cloud infrastructure to ensure the latest features  

  • Quick, streamlined access to reports to make informed decisions 

  • Accurate data insights to predict demand for healthcare staff and optimize workforce costs 

  • Integration with third-party applications to improve performance and efficiency 

  • Enhanced security with an updated Oracle Cloud environment