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Case Study

Large education MIS solutions provider

Mastek developed a web-based cloud product suite to overcome challenges posed by the existing Windows-based solution.

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Digital Transformation: convert strategy into results

Enterprises pursuing their digital strategies need to integrate the new technologies they are exploiting in order to convert strategy into results.

A digital target operating model will help to overcome the operational roadblocks that cause transformation project failure.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process. It necessitates a re-imagination of the digital ecosystem. A one-size-fits-all model does not work. Equally important is a commitment across the business to focus on customer-driven business strategies, instead of merely on revenue gains.

We recommend six actionable building blocks to help businesses drive results through customer-focused strategies using an integrated digital target operating model.

In our whitepaper, Digital Transformation: Convert strategy into results with a digital target operating model, we discuss:

  • The six building blocks to achieve end-to-end transformation
  • Why the customer should be at the core of your strategy
  • Ways to capitalise on different business models
  • How to make transformation a continuous, incremental process

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The DevOps Pathfinder

It is rare nowadays for an organisation not to have adopted any DevOps technologies or practices.

Whether you are contemplating a major DevOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, you should assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed and what challenges remain.

Without that perspective, you are at risk of progress being sabotaged by unacknowledged technical debt and poor prioritisation.

There are common stages to DevOps transformations and we have mapped these out in our whitepaper, The DevOps Pathfinder. You can use it to self-assess, comparing the challenges and goals of each stage to your own experience. It also provides practical guidance on the steps you can take to progress towards the level of DevOps maturity that's right for your organisation.

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Manheim: unlocking legacy to accelerate car sales

Digital transformation is revolutionising the business landscape, making rapid customer responsiveness a key differentiator. Manheim understands this and engaged Mastek to help them integrate new technologies with their legacy systems in order to unlock their potential to drive business growth.

Manheim is a leading UK provider of integrated products and services for the vehicle remarketing sector. Its core business systems were built in legacy technologies which offered no flexibility to add new products and services.

With Mastek’s strong track record in helping companies modernise their systems, we developed with Manheim the Auction Integrated Management System (AIMS). AIMS automates and accelerates the car auction sales process, integrating with a range of third-party systems. In addition, the new, integrated system uses cloud technologies to offer vastly improved business reporting and invoicing efficiency. A new 360° virtual vehicle tour allows customers to inspect cars before purchase. And the system has also enhanced Manheim’s legislative compliance.

All of this is contributing not only to Manheim’s digital transformation – with technology change positively enhancing the daily lives of Manheim’s workforce – but also its increased revenues, with AIMS helping to accelerate car sales to over 1M annually.

Manheim’s Phil Bradley puts this down to the Mastek’s can-do attitude, exceptional skill set and phenomenal integration with Manheim teams. Watch the video to hear more about Mastek's contribution to Manheim’s business success and find out more about our Application Development services.

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The Critical Value of DevSecOps in the Public Sector


DevOps processes and principles have gained wide acceptance across the industry, but the newer concept of DevSecOps is still only a buzzword to many. This is a lost opportunity given that accelerated adoption of DevSecOps is the answer to the Public Sector challenges of scale, security and the unprecedented demands of Covid-19.

In this webinar, Bruce Richardson (Mastek’s Principal DevOps consultant) will explain: 

  • Contrasting definitions of DevSecOps 
  • How DevSecOps refines operating models to support rapid changes and outcomes
  • The security risks and costs of not embracing DevSecOps 
  • Which definition of DevSecOps is most likely to deliver success 
  • How organisations with some existing DevOps culture can quickly transition to DevSecOps 
  • How organisations with little or no existing DevOps culture can develop a DevSecOps strategy

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The difference between what is.
And what could be.

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Case Study

Attribute based​ authentication

Identity Access Management (IDAM) sits at the core of an organisation’s IT, security and business goals.

IDAM is central to government, finance and healthcare, where single sign on ensures that the right people get the access to the right information for the right reasons. Chief Information Officers, IT security and Chief Executive Officers need to deliver capabilities aligned with technology, security and business goals.

IDAM has already helped our clients to:

  • Align their IDAM strategy with business goals
  • Maximise interoperability with open standards
  • Ensure robust authentication to regulatory standards
  • Accelerate an improved customer experience

IDAM was an issue for our client, the NHS, where some NHS staff needed to log into as many as 15 different systems to do their job. This was time consuming and also required busy staff to remember multiple complex passwords or use the same one on multiple systems—potentially a cyber security risk. The NHS decided to drive a transformation programme for single sign on systems to enable NHS staff to spend more time caring and less time with administration. 

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Case Study

Modernising legacy applications at Manheim Auctions

Application modernisation includes the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms and supports the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to drive business outcomes.

Application leaders, architects and development specialists need to ensure that the technology is in place to support modernisation and that strategy is underpinned with clear planning towards 5 or 10 year goals.

We have already helped our clients to:

  • Take a deeply strategic approach to application modernisation
  • Evaluate the possibilities, from re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-architecting, replacing and retiring applications
  • Address security, mobility, flexibility and innovation

Manheim Auctions, a leading UK provider of products and services to the used vehicle industry, needs to provide a sound foundation to set their application strategy for the years ahead. They identified the need to replace existing systems and establish a single customer view.

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