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The DevOps Pathfinder

It is rare nowadays for an organisation not to have adopted any DevOps technologies or practices.

Whether you are contemplating a major DevOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, you should assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed and what challenges remain.

Without that perspective, you are at risk of progress being sabotaged by unacknowledged technical debt and poor prioritisation.

There are common stages to DevOps transformations and we have mapped these out in our whitepaper, The DevOps Pathfinder. You can use it to self-assess, comparing the challenges and goals of each stage to your own experience. It also provides practical guidance on the steps you can take to progress towards the level of DevOps maturity that's right for your organisation.

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The Critical Value of DevSecOps in the Public Sector


DevOps processes and principles have gained wide acceptance across the industry, but the newer concept of DevSecOps is still only a buzzword to many. This is a lost opportunity given that accelerated adoption of DevSecOps is the answer to the Public Sector challenges of scale, security and the unprecedented demands of Covid-19.

In this webinar, Bruce Richardson (Mastek’s Principal DevOps consultant) will explain: 

  • Contrasting definitions of DevSecOps 
  • How DevSecOps refines operating models to support rapid changes and outcomes
  • The security risks and costs of not embracing DevSecOps 
  • Which definition of DevSecOps is most likely to deliver success 
  • How organisations with some existing DevOps culture can quickly transition to DevSecOps 
  • How organisations with little or no existing DevOps culture can develop a DevSecOps strategy

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The difference between what is.
And what could be.

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