Maximize Your Potential with Salesforce Data Cloud 

Unify data across your data landscape and leverage the power of AI

Decomplex Salesforce Data Cloud

Generative AI and machine learning is on every business leader’s mind right now. Organizations across every industry are finding ways to utilize AI for better productivity, improved operations, content generation, and more. But the beating heart of optimal AI utilization is data – how pure it is, how connected it is, and how analysis-ready it is. Enter Salesforce’s Data Cloud and Mastek’s expertise.

Salesforce Data Cloud functions as a data-as-a-service platform. It empowers organizations to connect and incorporate diverse third-party data sources into their Salesforce ecosystem, enriching data, reducing duplicated objects and siloes, and promoting data integrity. Because Data Cloud works seamlessly with Einstein AI, it positions your data to benefit from machine learning – safely and securely.

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  • Create an enriched, 360° view of your customers.

  • Reduce bad data with zero-copy architecture that uses integration, not duplication, to deliver information where and when it’s needed.

  • Gain ROI fast with our expertise and Salesforce Data Cloud’s pre-built industry data models.

What you can expect from Salesforce Data Cloud and Mastek

Data Enrichment & Management

  • Built in zero-copy architecture

  • Pre-wired for Salesforce objects (faster implementation)

  • Incorporate diverse third-party data sources

  • Mobilize and deliver information across Salesforce clouds

Fast Customer Insights

  • Swift connection between different cloud apps

  • Create better personalization and customer journeys

  • Create an AI-powered CRM

Streamline Operations

  • Pre-built industry data models

  • Automate workflows and data movement between clouds

  • Collaborate better & faster across business units

Position for AI

  • Improve and maintain data quality

  • Eliminate siloed data & high data integrity for better AI insights

  • Einstein AI’s trust layer ensures safe use of machine learning



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