Our intention and action leading to societal impact.

UK Social Value

Bringing local communities into the heart of the project delivery

What do your local communities, struggling after Covid-19, need from you? Find out with Mastek and integrate community benefits into your project delivery. So that our digital transformation diversifies your risk, creates a resilient supplier base, delivers your critical priorities and powers a fairer society.

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Share our partnerships to build a solution that works for your local communities and economies

Measurable Outcomes

Be diverse. Be Equal. Be well. Be green. Be fair.

Mastek measures the social value benefits of your project to close the gap between intention and outcome. So that you can monitor your impact on your local economies and communities. And make a real difference.

Covid-19 recovery

Helping local communities to manage and recover from the impact of COVID-19

Tackling Economic Inequality

Creating new businesses, new jobs and new skills and increasing supply chain resilience

Fighting Climate Change

Reducing greenhouse gases, waste and water use and protecting and improving

Equal Opportunity

Reducing the disability employment gap and tackling workforce inequality

Social Value in UK

Understanding of employment and skills issues, and of the skills and employment shortages of high growth sectors and working with partners to solve resource issues; including in work learning platforms and career progression.

Creation of employment opportunities particularly for those who face barriers to employment, including development of apprentice schemes, work experience, internships and a schools, colleges and University engagement programme.

Implementation of recruitment practices and employment conditions to ensure equality of opportunity and health and wellbeing at work.

Build Supply chain resilience and create a diverse ecosystem.

Increase charity giving, fundraising and volunteering within the UK.

Create a fairer society

I believe that everyone is starting to realize that supporting local communities and preparing people for a future in digital is not just about high level, global corporate social responsibility. It’s about really understanding the communities that you work with and collaborating with local organizations to enable economic growth, equality and diversity. That's how you let people’s voices be heard.

Abhishek Singh

UK Growth

Mastek voluntarily ensures that our employees earn the wage they deserve & can easily live on. We have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer in the UK by the Living Wage Foundation.