Our transformation work impacts people’s lives globally, including individuals who flee war-torn countries and vulnerable individuals seeking asylum in the United Kingdom.
Ramesh Ramakrishnan
Vice President Delivery – Secure Government Services
Ramesh’s team delivers CNI transformation programs that carry out complex and critical tasks ranging from responding to geo-political crises to implementing legislative changes and managing key ministerial priorities. What is his approach to managing these complexities and delivering value? #Decomplex innovation and user-centricity as his mantra, he focuses on simplifying intricate challenges by streamlining them into manageable components, adapting a flexible and transparent planning strategy, and building resilience and agility.
The team facilitates the progress of millions of visas every year in the United Kingdom, delivers hundreds of thousands of asylum and complex policy cases, and enables millions of secure biometrics transactions for immigration, passports, and crime prevention.

What is Ramesh's Monday Motivation?

The flexibility to carve out his role, pursue the desired opportunities, and empowerment to do the right thing for his customers.

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