Making an Impact with Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Our approach to bringing environment sustainability to business is centred around reducing our environmental footprints and building a better tomorrow.

Environmental Sustainability

At Mastek, we believe that responsible and profitable growth is the key to our success as a multinational corporation. This conviction has driven us to make environmental sustainability one of our top priorities. Our environmental sustainability strategies revolve around creating a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

In order to get the best results for our business and the environment, Mastek is all about speed to market while minimising the impact on the environment.

Areas of Focus

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption

Why is it important to us?

Climate change is a pressing issue and we are at a defining moment. The effects of climate change include a sudden change in the weather patterns that poses threat to food production and increases sea levels. The rising emissions of greenhouse gases have considerably increased the global temperature.

How are we responding?

Mastek is aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

At Mastek, we are committed to leveraging tech to improve everyday life and minimise the impact of climate change. We are taking a balanced approach towards energy, water and waste management. Our approach combines behavioural change advocacy, and sensitisation with the latest technology solutions. We have shouldered our responsibility towards creating a sustainable future by decreasing water and energy consumption. To remain true to our belief that sustainability is a crucial and non-negotiable aspect we are consistently increasing our waste recycling efforts despite the rise in the scale of the business. Over the last few years, our efforts have yielded good results in terms of reducing the use of natural resources.

Energy Management

Why is it important to us?

Energy management is critical as it controls and decreases an organisation’s energy consumption which eventually reduces operational costs. Energy efficiency has a positive impact on many aspects such as it results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, minimised energy import demands and low energy bills.

How are we responding?

Mastek's Chicago office's location is selected on the basis of its energy efficiency and it is a LEED certified building.

Mastek is committed to reducing energy consumption by optimising internal business operations. We have upgraded HT & LT electrical systems to improve our business’ operational efficiency and curtail energy consumption. Installation of energy efficient VRV air conditioners, LED lights, solar geysers in cafeteria and replacement of R22 refrigerant gas with eco-friendly alternatives are some of the other steps taken by us to build a sustainable future.

Water Management

Why is it important to us?

Water conservation and management policies includes activities that judiciously monitors office water consumption. Reducing water consumption results in positive impact on biodiversity, minimises water withdrawal from local sources and lowers pollution.

How are we responding?

Water scarcity is an alarming issue. Therefore, we consider water management and reducing its consumption more of a duty than a responsibility. We take a holistic approach to water management and monitor the consumption of fresh and recycled water through periodic water audits and improvement plans. We are also making substantial efforts to conserve, reuse and recycle water. For example, we have implemented aerators for faucets at our offices to control excess water flow and hence prevent wastage.

Waste Management

Why is it important to us?

Ethical waste disposal, responsible emission reductions and sustainable sourcing of raw materials builds a sustainable future and improves business’ bottom line. Diligent waste management also implies that a company’s consumption of finite resources is strictly monitored and controlled.

How are we responding?

During the last three years, 18 metric tons of e-waste was disposed through government authorised vendor for recycling.

Extending our efforts towards elevated environmental stewardship, we have adopted a strategic approach to waste management at each of our operating locations. Our waste management approach is centred on three pillars – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We strive to streamline our processes and systems to achieve our commitment of zero waste to landfills. We are constantly trying to find ways to convert waste to resources and make optimum use of the same. By educating our employees and raising awareness among them, we are bringing environmental sustainability in the business by reducing the per capita waste generation. We have in-house systems that segregates all waste and recycles 100% of our organic waste. We have also partnered with a strong external recycler network for disposing e-waste.

Some of our initiatives towards sustainable consumption:

  • Reduced use of plastic water bottles

  • Reduced use of printing paper

  • Disposal of e-waste & hazardous waste as per the norms approved by government

  • Encourage employees to travel in economy class

Other Initiatives

The twin crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss are tightly linked. Our strategy balances conservation goals, biodiversity improvements and carbon sequestration while improving livelihoods for the local communities. We have joined forces with industry's leading partners to find practical and scalable solutions and minimise the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss.

A sustainable procurement function is based on several actions that embeds strong ESG practices in fabric of any organisation. Our procurement team checks the ESG credentials of the potential suppliers before signing the deal with them. Also, our suppliers are required to abide by our sustainable procurement policies.

As part of the approach, we have scaled up flagship sustainability initiatives into company-wide policies for supplier development teams

  • Vendors are required to update sustainable procurement form before onboarding

As one of the leading technology orchestrators in the world, we understand that technology can play a significant role in embedding sustainability in business functions. To achieve this objective, we are investing continuously in smarter technologies with initiatives like smart racking and replacing old UPS units with energy efficient modular UPS units.

A meaningful approach to building a sustainable future requires a radical transformation of how we live and work. We are raising the ESG awareness amongst our workforce by

  • Educating employees about ESG initiatives

  • Conducting mandatory EHS training

  • Encouraging PAN India employees to opt for car-pooling for office commute

  • Urging employees to reduce paper usage