Environmental Sustainability

At Mastek, we firmly believe that responsible and sustainable growth is the foundation of our global success. This guiding principle propels us to prioritise and actively advocate for environmental sustainability as a paramount commitment.

We’re dedicated to using tech for positive change and combating climate impact. Our balanced strategy covers energy, water, and waste. Combining advocacy, awareness, and tech solutions, we’re reducing water and energy use. Upholding sustainability as non-negotiable, we ramp up recycling efforts. Despite business growth, we’ve made strides in curbing resource use.

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040

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Our Impact


Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption

Climate change is a significant concern, and we’re at a crucial point. It brings about sudden shifts in weather patterns, threatening food production and causing rising sea levels. The increased emissions of greenhouse gases are noticeably raising global temperatures.

We integrate advocacy for behavioural change, sensitisation, and cutting-edge technology solutions into our approach, resulting in decreased water and energy consumption, and heightened efforts in waste recycling. This comprehensive strategy has effectively diminished our reliance on natural resources.

Energy Management

Energy management is critical as it controls and decreases our energy consumption which eventually reduces operational costs. Energy efficiency has a positive impact on many aspects including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, fewer energy import demands and low energy bills.

How are we responding?

Mastek’s offices in Chicago, Bucharest & Amsterdam were selected based on its energy certified building ratings.

Mastek’s UK offices at Reading, Leeds and Harrow are using renewable energy for its operations.

Mastek is committed to reducing energy consumption by optimizing internal business operations. We have upgraded our HT & LT electrical systems to improve our business’ operational efficiency and curtail energy consumption. Installation of energy efficient VRV air conditioners, LED lights, solar geysers in cafeterias and replacement of R22 refrigerant gas with eco-friendly alternatives are some of the other steps taken by us to build a sustainable future.

Water Management

Our water conservation policies meticulously monitor office water use, fostering positive impacts on biodiversity, reducing local water withdrawal, and minimising pollution. We consider water management and reduction as a duty, not just a responsibility. Mastek has implemented several initiatives to conserve, reuse and recycle water. Our substantial efforts include conservation, reuse, and recycling, such as implementing faucet aerators in offices to control water flow and prevent wastage.

Waste Management

In the last three years, 13 metric tons of e-waste were responsibly disposed through a government- authorised recycling vendor.

We’re intensifying our commitment to environmental responsibility with a strategic waste management approach across all our locations, focusing on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Our goal is zero waste to landfills, achieved through streamlined processes and ongoing efforts to convert waste into resources. Employee education and awareness contribute to reducing per capita waste generation, supported by in-house systems that segregate and recycle 100% of organic waste. Additionally, we’ve established partnerships with external recyclers for responsible e-waste disposal.

Our Initiatives for Responsible Consumption

Minimised reliance on plastic water bottles.

Decreased consumption of printing paper.

Adhered to government-approved norms for the disposal of e-waste and hazardous materials.

Promoted economy class travel for employees.