Corporate Governance

At Mastek, we embrace the power of clear and effective governance as the cornerstone of our management philosophy. Our policies and principles intricately shape our goals, elevate risk management and propel us toward performance excellence. Entrusted with steering the company’s vision and ensuring seamless oversight, our global leadership team diligently charts our strategic course and upholds efficient administration.

Why it Matters to Us

Mastek’s commitment to stakeholders goes beyond numbers—it’s about the trust and confidence we earn. This trust isn’t just a reflection of our financial strength; it’s a testament to our operational excellence. Our governance policies, led by the board and committees, are built on principles that emphasize ethical conduct, outstanding corporate governance and an unswerving commitment to transparency and responsibility.

Our Approach

Our corporate governance stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to integrity and excellence. Fueled by a dedication to transparency, we voluntarily embraced SEBI’s BRSR mandate since 2021, propelling us into the ranks of the top ten companies in India acknowledged for sustainability efforts by SASB. Our proactive stance is further illuminated by our participation in the CSA (DJSI) by S&P Global, underscoring our devotion to superior corporate responsibility.

Our governance foundation is fortified by an impeccable track record of data security—zero breaches—and a strategic commitment to enhancing shareholder value. Leadership shines with independence, boasting a non-executive chair and predominantly Independent Directors, guaranteeing impartial governance. This commitment to autonomy extends seamlessly to our subsidiary boards, each empowered with local, independent directors propelling Mastek’s vision for an ethical and transparent future.

Operational Governance

This is at the heart of every crucial decision and business transaction – while dealing with confidential information of customers, shareholders, partners and employees; and ensuring compliance with anti-corruption laws of different geographies. These governances form the charter and terms of reference of the board, its committees and management committees. Our employees go through mandatory training in all areas of governance every year. And it doesn’t end there. Every year, our employees undergo mandatory training, delving into various aspects of governance. At Mastek, we see staying ahead in governance not just as a duty but as our pledge to a secure, ethical and thriving future.

Third-party Governance and Risk Management

Why is it Important to Us?

The third-party ecosystem is more than just a support system; it’s our key to meeting the unique needs of our diverse customers across various industries and geographies. Efficiently managing these partnerships isn’t just about gaining a competitive edge; it’s our shield against potential costs and reputational damage. In a world where collaboration is key, mastering the art of third-party relationships is our ticket to success.

How are we Responding?

Mastek is committed to coordinating a well-balanced blend of metrics, oversight and outcomes in our third-party engagements, ensuring seamless alignment with our corporate policies. This meticulous approach guarantees uniformity across our risk and performance management frameworks. We delve deep into the evaluation of third-party risks, examining business agreements, timeliness and intrinsic vulnerabilities from various perspectives. These thorough assessments serve as our strategic guideposts, steering essential adjustments within our third-party network. This not only bolsters our customers’ trust in our competence but also underscores our reliability. At Mastek, we don’t just manage third-party engagements; we conduct orchestrated partnerships grounded in precision and trust.

Our Team

Bhairav Palan

Lead – Global People Analytics and Strategy

Bhalchandra Natu

CSR Executive

Jalander Satpute

CSR Executive

Khushboo Mehta

Manager – Legal & Compliance

Nayan Zad

Sr Vice President – Facilities &

Sonali Vaghani

ESG & Legal Tech

Sonia Gandhi

Corporate Social Responsibility
Manager – UK

Sonia Gandhi

Corporate Social Responsibility
Manager – UK

Arun Agarwal

Global CFO

Vimal Dangri

Global Chief Legal and Compliance Officer