Corporate Sustainability

“Informed Giving, Responsible Receiving”

Mastek firmly believes in giving back to society. Our CSR arm, Mastek Foundation, was established in the year 2002, 10 years before the term CSR was coined. Under the umbrella of CSR activities, the Mastek group has contributed significantly to the society with a key focus on the improvement of health, education, social infrastructure, and women empowerment specifically in the rural areas.

individual beneficiaries of CSR projects reported in India for FY’24
birds & animal beneficiaries of CSR projects reported in India for FY’24
charity organizations across 6 states in India
Million ₹ in grants

Employee Payroll Giving 2023

Our program has made a significant impact, reaching 1,620 beneficiaries through partnerships with organizations like SEAL (Social & Evangelical Association for Love), Sangopita, and Cuddles Foundation. Additionally, we’re working with global charity partners including Samaritans and Macmillan Cancer Support in UK, Ronald McDonald House Charities in US, and Shraka from the Middle East, expanding our reach and impact globally.

Christmas Fundraiser 2023

The Christmas fundraiser focused on sharing the joy of giving with underprivileged communities. Our Masketeers initiative collected and donated old clothes, bringing warmth and support to 45 families in Mumbai and 50 families in Surendranagar, Gujarat, demonstrating the power of community and generosity.

Inspired Musical Fundraiser 2023

Celebrating its 10th edition, this fundraiser was a resounding success, raising a record INR 1,00,03,000. We matched donations up to INR 50 lakhs, setting a new high for funds raised through this initiative. The entire amount was donated to Malvi Educational and Charitable Trust and Adhyayan Sanstha, contributing to the education of over 3,400 children in Navsari, Sindudurg, Palghar District, Gujarat, and Mumbai, Maharashtra, thereby making a profound difference in their lives.

How are we responding?

Mastek is on a mission to make a meaningful impact, setting an ambitious goal to reach a million lives with our corporate social responsibility initiatives by FY26.

We’ve channeled a substantial part of our philanthropic efforts into education and healthcare, collaborating closely with the government to maximize our contributions. Our dedication to social betterment has not only earned us heartfelt commendation from government officials but has also distinguished us as the recipient of the ‘Best Company for CSR Activities’ accolade in Gujarat. This recognition fuels our commitment to continue driving positive change within the communities we serve.

Social Value in UK

In the UK, we’re crafting a tapestry of social value, interwoven with initiatives that not only address climate change but also enhance health and well-being. Our Green Code initiative has significantly reduced greenhouse gases, directly benefiting our clients and training over 100 employees, representing an investment of both expertise and financial resources. We’ve channeled our technological capabilities into hardware recycling, directing valuable resources back into the community. On the well-being front, our mental health programs have reached over 2,000 individuals, underlining our commitment to supporting not just physical health, but mental resilience too. And while some projects are still shaping up, our existing contributions to charity and community programs echo our dedication to creating a sustainable, supportive future for all.

Highlights since April 2023:

• Supported 300 14–15-year-olds with work experience

• Delivered 12 lunch and learns

• 3 Careers events attended (over 500 graduates)

• Donated 20 laptops to Barnet foundation

• Awareness of sustainable travel policies shared – 4 projects

• 2 time to talks held (MHFA)sessions focusing on Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

“Embracing Differences & Fostering Belonging”

At Mastek, our collective strength is magnified by the diversity of over 5,000 unique individuals we call ‘Mastekeers.’

We are committed to fostering a culture where unity in diversity thrives, equity is non-negotiable, and fairness is the bedrock of the equal opportunities we provide. It’s a place where inclusion isn’t just a buzzword but a practice—where bringing our authentic selves to work isn’t an act of courage, but a welcomed norm. We’re dedicated to cultivating a workspace that doesn’t just accommodate, but celebrates the rich mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

By actively eliminating unconscious biases, we ensure our ecosystem mirrors the diversity of our teams, clients, and the communities we serve. This reflective diversity is essential, enabling us to finely tune our services to the nuanced needs and expectations of those we serve.

How are we responding?

Mastek aims to achieve gender diversity at 40% by FY26.

At Mastek, we celebrate diversity & inclusion across our workforce, in our communities and partnerships. We have launched the ReShine program to offer job opportunities to women who are looking to make a meaningful career comeback post-maternity. We have also launched a Gender Reassignment policy to make the transition smooth for any individual. Mastek encourages every Mastekeer to reach their full potential with all their uniqueness and whole selves.


The Best Organization to Work For Women 2022 – ET Edge

30% women currently in the workforce
35% women leaders at middle management
31% women in senior leadership roles
12% women in the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

For further information on any CSR activities you may get in touch with [email protected] To connect with our DEIB team, please reach out to [email protected]