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Integrate all the business data onto a single configurable Oracle Wholesale Distribution system so that your employees can access information anytime, anywhere. Oracle Wholesale Distribution allows access to supply chain portals for business partners, customers, and suppliers and gives full control of the business flow.

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Gearing up for Increased Business Demands and Expectations

The wholesale distribution industry is faced with an inability to meet the heightened customer demands. Businesses lack wholesale distribution ERP software to streamline processes and automate basic tasks.

Manual application of ship and debit to sales orders = leakage

Manual and slow tracking of cost adjustments

Labor intensive and error-prone claims reconciliation

No freight cost visibility to the customer during quoting process

Inability to reconcile ‘Planned’ vs. ‘Actual’ freight expenses

Inability to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios and plan for supply chain disruptions

Lack of real-time tracking, monitoring and planning of warehouse inventory is a challenge

Need to automate warehousing functions and reduce human touch

Success Stories

Standardizing HCM processes for Ireland’s Global Manufacturing Company

We provided a single source of truth and improved the client’s employee data quality by implementing Oracle HCM Cloud.

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Standardizing Order Fulfillment Processes for USA's Leading Diversified Distributor and Supplier using Oracle Cloud Solutions

Our team enables reporting capabilities and material costing across the organization.

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Take the Road to Transformation with Oracle Wholesale Distribution Solutions

  • Supply chain planning

  • Inventory management

  • Distributed order management

  • Procurement

  • Logistics: warehouse, yard, transportation, global trade

  • Service logistics

  • Maintenance

  • General ledger

  • Channel revenue management

  • Payables and assets

  • Record-to-report (accounting hub platform)

  • Mobile expense management

  • Risk, credit & revenue management

  • Subscription management

  • Cost management

  • Billing management

  • Planning and forecasting

  • Resource management and scheduling

  • The mobile task, time, and progress management

  • Revenue and cost planning

  • Capital planning

  • Profitability management

  • Scenario modeling

  • Account reconciliation

  • Consolidation and close

  • Tax reporting

  • Core human resources

  • Enablement and guided learning

  • Workforce modeling

  • Time capture and payroll

  • Performance and compensation

  • Health, safety, compliance

  • Recruiting and succession

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