120+ AI Assets, 4 AI platforms and solution blue prints driven by highly skilled AI and prompt engineering teams.

New York, US 6th May, 2024 – Mastek (MASTEK; BSE: 523704), a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner, today announced its iConniX portfolio to enable Gen AI-led innovation across industries. iConniX currently offers over 120 AI assets, 4 AI platforms, and solution blueprints tailored to meet industry specific business use cases.

Building on top of personalized automation, intelligent decision-making, and tailored industry solutions, Mastek sets the stage for ‘AI as an Experience’, enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of Cloud, Data, Analytics, and Customer Experience (CX). It redefines the way companies engage with technology, ML and large language models making AI an integral part of their operations. iConniX will drive productivity, innovation, and long-term business outcomes for organizations.

“With Mastek iConniX, we are integrating all our external and internal assets including solutions across plan.ai, create.ai, orchestrate.ai, transform.ai and deliver.ai to deliver a holistic AI experience tailored for business users”, said Hiral Chandrana, CEO of Mastek Group. “Our vision is to enable clients with a robust data foundation and modern platforms stack, Decomplex & integrate processes across the value chain, so businesses can thrive, and accelerate growth with Gen AI.”

To address clients’ business priorities, iConniX adopts a multifaceted strategy anchored on three core pillars: reducing knowledge latency, enhancing customer experiences, and driving operational efficiencies at scale. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, iConniX facilitates swift knowledge dissemination, thereby expediting decision-making processes. Integrated virtual intelligent assistants and information retrieval platforms to fine-tune domain specific insight models, while elevating customer and employee experiences to unprecedented levels of engagement and loyalty.

Furthermore, iConniX prioritizes operational efficiency as a cornerstone for sustainable growth. AI-driven tools to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and ensure productivity across projects, thereby accelerating timelines and enhancing precision. From software engineering accelerators to workload optimization platforms as organizations move their data to the cloud, these solutions optimize cloud economics, positioning iConniX at the forefront of innovation and competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.

Internally, Mastek is fully embracing iConniX to propel its growth in the AI-first world with AI Amigo set services. The company has undertaken a comprehensive learning program, ensuring all 5000+ employees are trained in AI, and has strategically forged partnerships with leading AI technology companies and platforms to fuel its journey towards excellence.


About Mastek

Mastek is an enterprise digital and cloud transformation partner that engineer’s excellence for customers in industries, such as healthcare and life sciences, retail & consumer, manufacturing, financial services, and public sector across 40 countries, including the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific. Mastek helps enterprises decomplex the digital and delivers business outcomes with trust, value, and velocity across the spectrum of services, including digital experience and engineering, cloud implementations, data, automation, and AI, and cloud-managed services. A preferred Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS, and Snowflake partner, Mastek has 5000+ employees and delivers right-fit solutions to both medium businesses and global Fortune 1000 clients. For more details, please visit our website , www.mastek.com.


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