Mastek’s Next-Gen Solution Reduced Customer Response Time from a 3-to-7-Days Range to a Second

New York, US 6th June, 2024 Mastek (NSE: MASTEK; BSE: 523704), a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner, today announced it is advancing its icxPro platform with NVIDIA accelerated computing. Offering the next generation of customer experience (CX) solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), icxPro has demonstrated a 20% return on capital employed (ROCE) in the Manufacturing sector, with massive potential in the BFSI and Healthcare sectors. The launch of icxPro marks a significant stride in Mastek’s non-linear growth strategy.

Mastek’s icxPro, a cloud-native platform designed for building scalable AI applications, will help streamline the development of domain-specific AI applications using the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, which includes NVIDIA NIM microservices, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. Running on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, Mastek’s icxPro will enable businesses to achieve faster time to market and unlock significant business value. The key solutions this platform will bring to the Manufacturing, Healthcare, and BFSI sectors are:

  • Superior CX management: IcxPro, an end-to-end, cloud-native platform, seamlessly integrates with the NVIDIA AI stack, enabling the development of production-grade generative AI applications for superior CX management.
  • Faster Time to Market:Mastek’s platform simplifies AI integration, accelerating the development of domain-specific solutions for Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and BFSI.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement:Businesses can leverage AI to gain deeper customer insights, personalize interactions, and automate tasks across various channels, resulting in a more seamless and engaging customer experience.

“We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to roll out business solutions in machine parts, intelligent fraud management and intelligent supply chain for Manufacturing, BFSI and Healthcare,” said Ritwik Batabyal, CTO & Innovation Officer at Mastek. “icxPro, built on the full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing platform, simplifies the integration process and eliminates technical complexities, allowing businesses to focus on innovation and driving real business outcomes.”

“Enterprises across industries face significant challenges in deploying scalable AI solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations,” said John Fanelli, Vice President of Enterprise Software at NVIDIA. “By integrating NVIDIA NIM and other NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, developers using Mastek icxPro have a powerful, cloud-native solution that accelerates AI deployment and drives real business outcomes.”


Proven Success and Scalability:

Mastek’s icxPro-enabled productized solutions, powered by NVIDIA AI, has a serviceable obtainable market in the Manufacturing and BFSI sectors, with strong return on capital employed (ROCE) exceeding 20%. Mastek’s icxPro was recently implemented at Fortive (in the client’s Business Plan-driven solution exercise with Digital Hack 2023), an American industrial technology conglomerate significantly reducing its customer response time from a 3-to-7-days range to a second. Mastek’s generative AI-backed insight engine transformed processed data and provided real-time updates on the availability of obsolete spare parts.

Mastek aims to build upon this success and scale the platform to empower businesses across diverse industries. icxPro (part of Mastek iConniX GenAI portfolio) will lead to long term sustainability for businesses.


About Mastek

Mastek is an enterprise digital and cloud transformation partner that engineers excellence for customers in industries such as healthcare and life sciences, retail and consumer, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector, across 40 countries, including the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Mastek helps enterprises decomplex digital and delivers business outcomes with trust, value, and velocity across the spectrum of services including digital experience and engineering, cloud implementations, data, automation and AI, and cloud managed services. Mastek recently launched its GenAI enabled portfolio iConniX that offers over 120 AI assets, 4 AI platforms, and solution blueprints tailored to meet industry specific business use cases. A preferred Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS, and Snowflake partner, Mastek has 6000+ employees and delivers right-fit solutions to both medium businesses and global Fortune 1000 clients.


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