The partnership enables Restek to offer a global content platform with an enhanced shopping experience for U.S. and Canadian customers.

New York, September 06, 2023 – Today, Mastek, (MASTEK; BSE: 523704), a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation enterprise, announced its partnership with Restek Corporation, a leading player in the analytical industry. The partnership signifies a milestone as Restek transforms its global online experience through a modernized e-commerce and content delivery platform.

Headquartered in central Pennsylvania and with a global network of offices and distributors, Restek Corporation partners with scientists in environmental, food, clinical, cannabis, and other labs to provide the chromatography products and technical expertise they need to generate quality data. Through Mastek’s implementation of Oracle solutions, such as Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC), Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ), and Oracle Content Management (OCM), Restek has replaced the systems serving up its global website, enabling streamlined operations and superior customer engagement. The collaborative effort has resulted in a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies and cloud solutions.

Notably, integrations have been meticulously crafted, such as the fusion between Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) and Oracle Content Management (OCM), which enables direct content access within OCC. Additionally, the integration between OCC and Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ) empowers online customers with accurate quotes, while the connection between CPQ and Oracle Sales Cloud creates opportunities for streamlined quote generation. Restek’s backend ERP system, IFS, is seamlessly linked with Oracle Commerce Cloud, facilitating efficient order processing and granting customers access to invoices and transaction history. Alongside these advancements, Restek’s user interface and user experience (UI/UX) have been refined, with updates to B2B widgets seamlessly transforming them to appear as B2C, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive experience for all users.

The implementation of Oracle Cloud Solutions has yielded numerous benefits for Restek’s customers:

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Superior online shopping journey for US and Canadian customers, and centralized resource hub for global customers.
  • Business Empowerment: Allowing business users to create value and revenue through the eCommerce channel, reducing dependency on IT interventions.
  • Seamless ERP Integration: Successfully integrating with Restek’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (IFS), enabling customers to view and pay invoices online.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Customers can easily find the technical content and products they need to improve their workflows.
  • Customized User Roles: Creating a multifaceted access and role-based framework to tailor site features to different organizational structures.

Stephen Melody, VP IT at Restek said, “We are excited to collaborate with Mastek on this transformative journey, driven by our commitment to enhancing the analytical landscape. Mastek’s capabilities in digital solutions and Oracle implementations enabled us to modernize our global web presence, including offering an enriched experience to our U.S. and Canadian customers. The partnership exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions that resonate with our global clientele and we will continue to roll out our capabilities internationally.”

Vijay Iyer, President – Americas at Mastek said, “Restek’s proactive approach to digital transformation is commendable. By implementing Oracle solutions, we’ve created a digital ecosystem that not only meets current demands but also positions Restek for future growth. The partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to delivering innovation and excellence.”

As Restek embarks on this new phase of transformation, the implementation of Oracle solutions by Mastek positions Restek at the forefront of customer engagement and operational efficiency in the scientific community.

About Mastek

Mastek (NSE: MASTEK; BSE: 523704) is a trusted digital engineering and cloud transformation partner that delivers innovative solutions and business outcomes to clients in Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Government/Public Sector, and more. The company empowers enterprises to unlock the power of data, modernize applications to the cloud, and accelerate digital advantage, ensuring customer success and decomplexing digital initiatives. With a strong pool of 2000+ Oracle experts and over 100 industry-specific solutions, Mastek is a preferred Oracle partner. Its workforce of ~6000 operates across 40+ countries in the UK, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and APAC, delivering business value with velocity. MST Solutions, a Mastek company, is a Summit-level Salesforce consulting partner trusted by several Fortune 1000 enterprise clients. For more details, please visit our website

About Restek

Restek is a leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. We provide analysts around the world with the innovative tools they need to monitor the quality of air, water, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and petroleum products. Our reputation for Plus 1 customer service and quality, innovative products is world-renowned. Plus 1 customer service means every Restek employee will work hard to exceed your expectations in helpfulness and courtesy.Restek is an independent company in which all employees share ownership through our employee stock ownership plan. Every employee deeply cares about your satisfaction and appreciates your loyalty every time you choose a Restek product. Since 1985, we have consistently improved our quality and our customer service, and we have developed innovative products that make your job easier.

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